Who is Hafiz Mustafa?

Hafiz Mustafa grew up in a small family in Anatolia when his father worked in the confectionary industry and was very famous at the time in the basement of their house in the Eminonu district of Istanbul. his son Hafiz Learned the industry from him while helping him and then developed it after his father passed away making confectionery coffee tea and Turkish delight. He has participated in international exhibitions and won about 11 medals in the European confectionery and confectionery industry and his store has become a destination for tourists Come to Turkey from all over the world.

Hafiz Mustafa sweets

Hafiz Mustafa company excels in the manufacture of various Turkish sweets by the hands of the most skilled chefs and the highest quality ingredients. He makes all kinds of Turkish baklava with walnut pistachio cream nut original and charcoal except the original irresistible turkey Love its variety of milk nuts and fruits.

Hafiz Mustafa Baklava

صندوق بقلاوة مشكلة بالفستق والجوز حافظ مصطفى 1.1 كغ

Hafiz Mustafa's Baklava is one of the most popular and popular Turkish baklava brands that tourists come to taste and take away gifts.

Baklawa Hafiz Mustafa is suitable for all tastes and desires as it comes in many types including:

To browse and view more types and order for you outside of Turkey you can visit the Sweet Saray store specializing in Turkish sweets:

حلقوم تركي بالرمان المحمص والفستق 1 كغ

Hafiz Mustafa Sweets

Turkish Delight with Roasted Pomegranate and Pistachios 1kg

  • Baklava with cream
  • gentlemen baklava
  • baklava with pistachio
  • baklava without sugar
  • Baklava without gluten
  • hazelnut delight
  • Pistachio Delight

Hafiz Mustafa sweets prices

The price of the candy varies by type and weight including different weights of half a kilo or two kilos and depending on the packaging some of them are wooden boxes cardboard or metal boxes and they are all luxurious shapes ranging in price from $50 onwards. .

Hafiz Mustafa's menu

  • Turkish black tea.
  • Turkish coffee.
  • Sahlab Hafiz Mustafa.
  • Baklava Hafiz Mustafa.
  • Turkish delight Hafiz Mustafa.
  • Hafiz Mustafa Chocolate.
  • Green tea .

Sahlab Turki Hafiz Mustafa:

Sahlab is a warming drink that provides energy and heat to the body especially on cold winter nights. Therefore Hafiz Mustafa Company produces canned ready-made sahlab powder with added hot milk.

Hafiz Mustafa delights lokum

Turkish Delight with Kiwi Hafiz Mustafa 1kg

Turkey is famous for its Turkish Delight which is almost empty at home. Hafiz Mustafa Company is one of the most well-known companies in the production of original Turkish delight as it produces around 20 varieties of Turkish delight to meet all requirements

No matter where you are you can order from outside Turkey and have it delivered fresh to your door from the Sweet Saray store within 4 days.