Have You Ever Tasted Cold Turkish Baklava?

Who of us does not know the traditional Turkish baklava, not tasted it in Ramadan and on holidays, or not felt its crunch and melting in his mouth especially if it was from Turkey or from a famous brand known for its tradition of making Turkish sweets and baklava such as Hafiz Mustafa or Karaköy Güllüoğlu?

Have you ever tasted or heard of a cold Baklava which the Turks call “Souk baklava”?

Cold baklava is one of the popular desserts in Turkey; baklava with pistachios or walnuts, a sauce of syrup and milk, garnished with cocoa and milk powder and served cold.

cold turkish baklava

Cold Turkish Baklava in Ramadan

"Cold baklava" is witnessing a huge turnout in most states of Turkey, throughout the month of Ramadan.

This dessert is prepared, especially in hot months, using a thin dough mixed with milk, coconut or pistachios, before being greased with special butter and put in the oven.

After cooling, in especially designated refrigerators, cold baklava, which contains a small percentage of sugars and fatty substances, is ready for consumption after sprinkling chocolate powder thereon.

Turks prefer consuming this type of baklava, prepared in Diyarbakir, during Iftars of Ramadan, to relief themselves of high temperatures, and due to its health benefits.

How to Prepare Cold Baklava at Home

  • Melt the butter on a low heat, turn off the same, add some oil and stir well;
  • Grease the baklava tray with melted butter, start laying baklava dough layers, greasing each of them with oil and butter mixture;
  • Put the filling in, re-lay layers of dough, grease them with butter, put the last layer and grease well;
  • Cut the baklava and put it in the oven at 170 degrees until it acquires a golden color from bottom and top, i.e. for about an hour, depending on the type of oven;
  • After syrup has cooled, add some milk and stir well;
  • Take out the baklava and leave it aside for about ten minutes, pour the mixture of syrup and milk over it and let it rest for an hour; and
  • Mix milk and cocoa powder, sift it over the baklava, put it in the fridge until it cools completely, decorate with pistachios according to taste and serve.

    turkish cold baklava

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