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07 Oct Best of Hafiz Mustafa Turkish baklava
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Hafiz Mustafa  If you ever, daily, crave for a Turkish dessert and you wanted to have some, it would be highly pampering for you to choose a piece of the famous Hafiz Mustafa Turkish DessertsIt's one of the biggest famous names in Turkey and the worl..
07 Oct Best baklava Gift boxes for occasions
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Turkish Desserts Gift Boxes ideas Gifts are considered a symbol of love between lovers, a messenger of longing between those who are far apart, and a messenger of goodness between those who are at odds. Gifts eliminate differences and bring distances..
06 Oct Karakoy Gulluoglu the best Turkish bakalva maker
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No secret how much happiness we feel when we eat Turkish sweets, especially if they combine the beauty of shape, taste and product quality. Therefore, Karakoy Gulluoglu company is the leader in the field of Turkish desserts and baklava to make the mo..
03 Oct How to Eat Turkish Baklava Without Gaining Weight!
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Turkish Baklava and Weight Gain There is a widespread belief that eating baklava while following a diet parallel to weight gaining, that people following such a diet will never be able to eat baklava in the process. Nevertheless, we confidently tell ..
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