Turkish Delight or Turkish lokum is considered a historical heritage and a popular culture and tourists in Turkey must encounter its shops wherever they go. Turkey is the country and origin of Turkish delight no matter what type of Turkish delight you taste you will never taste the same Its sweetness and shape are also pleasing. What is the story of this joy?

What is the Turkish Delight?

Turkish Delight is one of the tastiest and oldest Turkish sweets. Its manufacture began nearly 500 years ago. It has a gelatinous texture rich taste and sweetness and comes in different shapes and colors. It is said to have originated in the palace of the Ottoman sultans The sultan ordered the manufacture of sweets that help digest fatty foods. It is also said that its origins were hundreds of years ago in Anatolia who modified a popular dessert made of molasses and honey and later changed its recipe to what we know today as lokum and made its way into local and International market and participate in international exhibitions. In the English-speaking world it's called Turkish Delight because of its deliciousness and restaurant beauty.

Turkish Delight Ingredients

Turkish Delight consists of a mixture of calculated amounts of cornmeal icing sugar gelatin rose water or frankincense and other flavorings that vary depending on the type of lokum such as rose water flowering water fruit flavors and different nuts (such as happy fruit) taste Hazelnuts and Walnuts.

How to prepare Turkish delight

حلقوم بالفستق والعسل  حافظ مصطفى 1 كغ

  • The way to prepare turkey delights is not difficult it can be easily made at home and uses ingredients that can be found in every home but it requires accuracy care and speed to make it successfully
  • Take an oven tray or any suitable tray and cover with foil
  • We prepare the syrup add water sugar and a spoonful of lemon juice and bring it to a boil on the fire
  • We set aside the starch and water mixture then add the right amount of syrup and stir over the fire until the texture is transparent and the starch is cooked
  • We can add as many flavors and colors as we want
  • Put it in a tray and put it on the stove until it cools completely
  • After cooling coat the tray with powdered sugar place the lokum tray on top and cut it into cubes.

Types of Turkish Delights

Turkish delights come in many flavors and Hafiz Mustafa's shop specializes in more than 30 types.

Pistachio Turkish Delight

Turkey is a green country famous for its green pistachios. Therefore Turkish Delight is made with pistachios. Delight is kneaded with the finest pistachios and served with tea or coffee. It is loved by tourists and considered to be one of the most delicious close.

Sultaniya Delight

حلقوم سلطاني بالجوز حافظ مصطفى 1 كغ

Dipped in a rich layer of luxurious coconut flavored with other flavors or plain it comes in a variety of colors you can find it in almost all Turkish stores and homes it's characterized by its cheap price and delicious taste.

Turkish Delight with Pomegranate and Caramel

Rich in the refreshing flavor of pomegranate mixed with caramel and green pistachio jam combining the acidity of pomegranate with the sweetness of sugar can be ordered from here

 Turkish Delight with kiwi and pistachio

حلقوم بالكيوي حافظ مصطفى 1 كغ

Made for the dexterous fruit lover it has a rich kiwi flavor and sweetness in addition to the finest green pistachios. 

Turkish Delight with orange and hazelnut

For plenty of orange lovers then prepare a beautiful concoction for Turkish Delight that includes sweet fondant flavored with oranges and hazelnuts and shaped into beautiful shapes. can be ordered from here

Turkish Delight with pistachio and rose

حلقوم بالرمان المحمص والفستق 1 كغ

One of the most important and exotic turkish delights sweetened with rose water extract and green pistachios covered with a layer of roses and pistachios but it is one of the most beautiful turkish delights usually for connoisseurs of sweetness love the unfamiliar taste and kindness. can be ordered from here

Benefits of Turkish Delight

  • The nutritional value of turkey ham varies depending on its type but generally it contains small amounts of iron calcium carbohydrates and protein which help
  • Strengthens the tonsils and prevents their inflammation which is why it's called throat sweet
  • strengthens teeth
  • Carbohydrates benefit kidney patients

Is sweet tooth bad for health?

It is said that anything over the limit will do the opposite so eating sweets in small and moderate amounts will not harm your health but eating large amounts can affect blood sugar levels in diabetics and it is also rich in calories which can lead to obesity and eating one slice It will keep you eating more so you should pay attention and adjust your intake to avoid its harmful effects.

Turkish delight in social life

Turkish Delight is considered a friend of Turkish coffee. Once you enter a cafe or café and ask for Turkish coffee you will find a plate of Turkish delight in front of it. It is also a friend of holidays and occasions and is very present in Turkish homes. and also Shops in Turkey specialize in selling Turkish Delight across the country and tourists from all over the country frequent its breadth to taste and take gifts from them as they are wrapped in a beautiful and luxurious shape that delights onlookers .

Best Turkish Delight Shops in Istanbul

As part of his traditional tourism program any visitor to Turkey will not miss tasting Turkish Delight and buying it for his family and loved ones upon his return to his country and one of the most famous halloumi shops in Turkey

 Hafiz Mustafa derlight

 Haji Musafa Khan delight

Where is Turkish delight sold?

If you are in Turkey you can buy lokum yourself from the stores mentioned in the previous paragraph but if you are in any country in Gulf Europe or the Middle East outside of Turkey you can buy it from Sweet saray that specialized in Turkish sweets