Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in humans and it occurs when the pancreas fails to secrete insulin (which is primarily responsible for regulating sugar levels in the blood) or the body fails to use the secreted insulin to the fullest. it can't absorb all The amount of glucose in the blood so glucose buildup occurs increasing the sugar level.

Diabetic sweets

It is necessary to always pay attention to controlling the sugar level in the blood and to check the general condition of the diabetic patient regularly to prevent unsafe development and to intervene and treat in a timely manner in case of any deficiencies.

It is well known that sweets and excessive consumption are very bad for a diabetic so they are among the things that are forbidden to him but in fact doctors have not decided to completely ban any food for the patient but they always recommend moderation and discipline Eating and taking proper healthy nutrition.

As for sweets there is no harm in eating them in small intervals and these sweets come in specific sizes so they contain a lot of protein and very little saturated fat and their calories should not exceed 200 calories and a tip for keeping your own as We mentioned earlier not to overeat in small amounts and frequent intervals.

Turkish baklava

Baklava Anisa Al-Sultans and the bride of a Turkish wedding sits on the throne of our hearts for its kindness and joy.

The country fights for her the city fights for her everyone claims to have it so she spends her journey in the conflict between Turkey Cyprus and Lebanon but the truth is that she is of Syrian origin especially from the Turkish city border city aleppo gaziantep The Turk Mehmet Gulu admired her when he traveled there so he took her to the city of Gaziantep before continuing her journey which is listed as one of the most famous sweets in the world.

the name of baklava 

It's a good story to name the baklava because a Turkish sultan allegedly had the wife of a culinary artist prepare this dessert for him. When he tasted it he liked it and called it baklava.

Others say that the baklava is so named because it is derived from beans and contains peanuts or it may be derived from the Mongolian word pilau which means to roll.

What is baklava and how to prepare?

Baklava consists of a thin layer of dough mixed with layers of nuts such as pistachios almonds and cashews covered with ghee and sila (a cooked mixture of water and sugar) then cooked in a special oven Manufactured to bring out the most delicious flavors and colors for gourmets.

There are many shops in Turkey that specialize in preparing it especially in Istanbul and the city of Gaziantep the home of baklava.

Types of baklava:

There are about twenty varieties of baklava the main difference being their special fillings and their appearance including:

  1. Stuffed with pistachio
  2. stuffed with cashews
  3. Stuffed with cream
  4. Stuffed with chocolate
  5. dipped in milk
  6. Baklava with honey
  7. Baklava with mussels
  8. Baklava Burma Saray

Baklava on tables and gifts

For the good of her restaurant she doesn't hide various baklava at Turkish and Arabic tables. She used to share their delights with people at weddings and banquets as a lavish entree that their hosts were proud of. She also participated in the season of worship during Ramadan This dish is the main garnish of a meal almost every day.

Tourists to Turkey famous for their baklava must carry baklava with them as gifts for their loved ones.

Baklava without sugar

​Diabetics wondering if they can enjoy a delicious baklava without hurting them?

There is a sugar-free baklava (diet baklava) specially made for diabetics and dieters. It has no sugar inside so it prevents blood sugar levels from rising and keeps patients safe with fewer calories and no glucose at all and stuffed with nuts in between layers The crunchy dough allows diners to enjoy its wonderful texture.

Types of Turkish Baklava for Diabetics

Karakoyoglu famous for its Turkish sweets produces a variety of sweets for diabetics and those who are on a sugar-free diet the most famous of which are

Baklava without sugar with walnuts

The sugar-free luxury crunchy baklava is here and has been tested by the laboratory of the Faculty of Needs Istanbul University which has proven to be completely safe for patients featuring its crunchy sides and a luxurious filling filled with walnuts

Baklava without sugar with pistachio

For those who don't like walnuts as a filling the company also offers another luxurious type the Sugar Free Baklava with Sorrel Pistachios.

Where to Buy Baklava for Diabetics

Sweet Saray specialises in Turkish confectionary with a wide range of baklava suitable for diabetics and offers courier services to countries around the world your order will be received within 2-3 business days no matter where you are in the world