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gluten-free turkish walnut baklava 1kg

gluten-free turkish walnut baklava 1kg
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Çölbak Baklava produced for the special diets of the celiac patients and for the gluten-free diets."


Celiac is a long-term disease that primarily affects the small intestines. These allergic reactions cause a lifetime tenderness inside the small intestines against the protein called gluten available in cereals such as wheat, barley, and rye.

Studies have been conducted with the Society of Living with Celiac and sampling was performed by the patients.

The amount of gluten is not more than 20mg/kg based on measured dry substance.

Other ingredients used in Çölbak except flour are the same as taste quality of Güllüoğlu Baklava.

Adding even only two spoons of gluten into a ton of gluten-free products may cause dangerous results for the patients. Therefore it is very important that the gluten-free products should not be contaminated with any amount of gluten.

First of all, we have organized a special production site and a separate warehouse in our firm in order to prevent the food under risk of containing glutens from being in the same location as the gluten-free foodstuff.

Çölbak was baked in a separate oven from the other products. Furthermore, the required training was given to our personnel regarding the celiac disease.

Çölbak is offered to our customers using a separate division and equipment in our showroom.

Ingredients are rice flour, egg, cornflour, pistachio, butter, sugar, salt.

Allergens that this product including pistachio, walnut, milk, and eggs. The gluten amount does not exceed 20mg/kg based on dry substance.

Shelf life is 15 days, please keep in a cool and dry place.

Consumption under doctor control is recommended.

Our products are regularly analyzed.

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