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Organic Turkish Argan Oil Soap, 100 G

Organic Turkish Argan Oil Soap, 100 G
Organic Turkish Argan Oil Soap, 100 G
Organic Turkish Argan Oil Soap, 100 G
Organic Turkish Argan Oil Soap, 100 G
Organic Turkish Argan Oil Soap, 100 G
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Turkish Argan Oil Soap, 100 G

Argan oil soap from Arifoğlu, made of the extract of the renowned Argan oil along with many other natural elements, convenient for all types of complexions making them more fresh and vital. Use this soap regularly and you’ll find your complexion as if it were cotton.

  • Organic Turkish soap bar
  • A mixture of 100% natural oils and herbs
  • Wonderful blend for a perfect complexion with a volume of 100 g
  • One of the most famous products of the perfumer Arifoğlu, Istanbul.

Argan Oil

  • Or as it is sometimes called “Liquid Gold” due to its great therapeutic characteristics. An oil extracted from Argan trees which is one kind of trees native to Morocco, its original home, and is considered a perennial type of trees that live for over 200 years.
  • Argan oil is used abundantly in cosmetics and therapeutic products as well as in the traditional Moroccan cuisine

Original Argan Soap Benefits for the Complexion

  • Argan soap assists lightening the complexion and unifying toning thereof.
  • Soap with the Argan extract acts on fighting acnes treating pits and scars
  • Assists cleansing the complexion from its roots as well as impurities and dust
  • This soap removes black and whiteheads
  • Ideal for vitiligo disease
  • Very good for some diseases such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Useful for freckles
  • Plays a good role in reducing complexion wrinkles and fine lines appearance
  • Moisturizes the complexion and protects it from developing dehydration
  • Prevents appearance of dark circles under the eyes

Argan Oil Soap Benefits for the Hair

  • Polishes the hair and facilitates styling process
  • Treats brittle and frizzy hair
  • Stimulates scalp nourishment and enhances hair growth

Turkish Argan Soap Use Instructions

For external use only

Be careful not to reach the eyes

keep away from food items

Turkish Argan Soap Way of Use

  • pass the Argan oil soap all over your skin while avoiding the eyes area
  • after finishing, gently massage your face in a circular movement
  • leave the Argan soap foam over your skin for a few minutes
  • wash your face with warm water and dry softly
  • repeat the process on a daily basis and you’ll notice the difference .

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