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Sparkle Collagen Drink, 20 Envelops

Sparkle Collagen Drink, 20 Envelops

Sparkle Collagen Drink, 20 Envelops

Collabel collagen drink, a natural dietary supplement, due to its content of collagen and other proteins, it acts on accelerating the metabolism process and reducing excess fats therein. Therefore, the enzymes allow breakage of fats and accumulated sugars in the body. This sparkling collagen strengthens your immunity and assists losing weight in a more healthy way.

What is Collagen

Collagen is one of the proteins found abundantly in the human body within the skin and connective tissues. It is considered responsible for skin’s health and granting the same its necessary flexibility as well as its big influence on joints, bones, and even nails. Despite its abundance in the body, yet upon aging and exposure to harmful external conditions, its levels starts to reduce and the body’s ability to produce it decreases.

Collagen Deficiency Symptoms

  • Great hair-loss
  • Low blood pressure
  • Joints, bones, and muscles pain
  • Weakness in the gum and teeth
  • Skin dryness and loss of humidity and thus fine lines and wrinkles increase.

Sparkle Collagen Benefits for Losing Weight

  • Carnitine present in the product assists the body burn triglycerides
  • Assists enhancing calories burn
  • Limits the likelihood of developing deteriorated body cells
  • Enhances metabolism process which is responsible for transformation of food into energy

Important Tips on Sparkle Collagen

  • This product is NOT a medicine
  • Cannot be used for protecting against diseases and its remedies
  • Don’t exceed the recommended amount
  • Supplements can’t be taken as the only source of nourishment and pretending it can replace natural nutrition
  • To be kept away from reach of children in its original package
  • Consult your doctor in cases of pregnancy and natural lactating
  • To be kept in room temperature below 25 degrees Celsius

Collabel Collagen Drink Usage

  • Put the soluble content of the envelop in a cup of hot water
  • it’ll become ready to drink immediately
  • the Collagen Life Pro drink content contains 20 bags
  • it’s recommended to consume one bag a day before meals.

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