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Turkish jam for men

Orijinal turkey jam for sex

Turkish jam for The Married Couples, Numerous Benefits in Each Drop

Turkey is one of the most important producer of honey worldwide and Turkish honey has long been the ornament of breakfast tables in the whole country. It’s also used in curing dozens of diseases as it is there as a component of many medical products and in herbal therapy and alternative medicine.

Turkish honey for men

Turkish Honey for married couples enjoys some advantages that make it one of the finest types of honey in terms of benefits as it is an original honey extracted from natural resources, void of any chemical additives, of a pleasant taste, and light on the stomach.

Turkish honey is used after adding a combination of herbs and natural ingredients to it as a dietary supplement, general tonic, sexual aphrodisiac, in addition to being one of the best solutions for impotence and erection dysfunction problems, premature ejaculation in men, and frigidity and lack of sexual desire in women.

The components Turkish honey for Sex 

Turkish Honey for married couples is usually composed of pure honey, mainly, blended with royal jelly and pollen grains, added to which are some natural components such as:

  • Oatmeal
  • Ginger
  • Galangal
  • Cinnamon
  • Maca herb
  • American ginseng
  • Nettle plant
  • Siberian ginseng
  • Ginseng
  • Bitter gourd
  • Cola nut
  • Vanilla

Turkey jam for timing

Several scientific studies have proved that taking a dosage of approximately 85 g of the Turkish honey would largely contribute to the increase of nitric oxide that penetrates into the blood when aroused by sexual desire. The natural ingredients found in the Turkish honey for married couples are rich of nutritional substances and vitamins responsible for enhancing body parts affecting intimacy in both genders. What are its benefits for both sexes in detail. 

turkish honey sex for men benefits

  • Treatment the weakness and inability of penis for erection
  • Assisting the penis to stay in erection-status for longer periods
  • Contributes in strengthening spermatozoa found in the seminal fluid
  • Postpones ejaculation process and prevents prematurity thereof
  • Enhances fertility of the seminal fluid in men
  • Bestows the feeling of a stronger sexual thrill

the turkey jam sex bebefits  for women

  • It is used as a sexual aphrodisiac for women
  • Assists in narrowing the vagina thus securing more pleasure
  • Grants the body a relaxation and worry-free feelings
  • Reaching orgasm and increase of pleasure during sex
  • Increases women’s fertility and enhances the chances of conception
  • Increases the sensitivity of the G-spot in the vagina

turkey jam side effects

Anybody can have Turkish Honey for Married Couples for both sexes aged between 18 – 65 but please be careful of the following:

  • Not convenient for diabetics
  • Accelerates the blood circulation thus it’s not recommended for those who suffer from heart problems
  • It’s not recommended for pregnant women
  • Should not be consumed by children; It must be kept away from them.
  • It’s not recommended to be taken in large amounts as it may cause insomnia and nervousness.

Turkish jam uses

We can say that use of Turkish Honey for Married Couples is very easy as you can take a small spoon one hour before kicking off having sex; this amount is more than enough to fulfill your needs due to the product’s effectiveness and good quality.

As it was said before, it’s highly recommended to comply with just a small spoon of it and not to over-consume in order to avoid some side effects that may be incentivized such as insomnia and stomach ulcer. 

Other Types of Natural Sex jam

It’s not true to say that those who don’t like taking honey mixtures are out of the circle of marital happiness offered by the Turkish sexual tonics. Sweet Saray Store provides several options of sexual tonics and natural aphrodisiacs that suit all markets; some of these are:

Turkish  Sex chocolate 

  • Turkish chocolate with delicious taste and quick influence
  • It can be considered as a natural alternative for Viagra tablets available for both men and women.
  • Acts on increasing the sexual desire and treats frigidity in both sexes
  • Grants coziness for the intimacy and makes it more pleasant and enjoyable
  • Grants the required ability and confidence during the intercourse

Epimedium Honey , A Remedy For Erection Problem

The epimedium herb’s extract (known as “the horny goat weed”) that is used in the Chinese medicine for enhancing and increasing men’s and women’s sexual ability.

  • Solves the problem of erection dysfunction and treats the problem of frigidity in men
  • Increase of sperm count in men
  • Stimulates the feeling of sexual desire in women via nourishment of vagina’s tissues
  • Taking care of the psychological status for women especially during mistral period
  • Original Turkish product duly sanctioned and authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Health

The Korean Red Ginseng 

Red ginseng is a kind of plant grown in China and Korea and is used as a dietary supplement. It’s got a positive effect on many aspects in both sexes; some of which are:

  • Increase of sperm count and motility in men
  • Excellent therapy for sexual dysfunction in men
  • Improves sexual performance during intimacy
  • Increase sexual desire in women and girls
  • Contributes in regulating the menstrual period
  • Limits menopause difficultieses.
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