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Beeo Propolis Honey and Royal Jelly for Adults, 190G

Beeo Propolis Honey and Royal Jelly for Adults, 190G
Beeo Propolis Honey and Royal Jelly for Adults, 190G
Beeo Propolis Honey and Royal Jelly for Adults, 190G
Beeo Propolis Honey and Royal Jelly for Adults, 190G
Beeo Propolis Honey and Royal Jelly for Adults, 190G
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    Beeo Propolis Honey and Royal Jelly for Adults, 190G

    Propolis Honey and Royal Jelly mixture for adults that encompasses elements of pure Anatolian propolis, natural royal jelly, and original raw honey. These components form a honey mixture that is hardly to find anywhere else. It’ll urge you to consume it to the last drop.

    This product is processed by a team of experts equipped with the suitable infrastructure, knowledge, and necessary technical equipment.

    • Nutrients found in the propolis content are fully preserved.
    • Propolis extracting technique is developed by specialized food experts and specialists.
    • These research and development studies have been awarded the TUBITAK, TTGV, and TUSIAD Technology Award, 2016.
    • Produced as per High-standards quality.
    • Free of added sugar

    Propolis Honey and Royal Jelly Mixture Components

    • 1.5% Anatolian propolis
    • 3% royal jelly
    • 95% original Turkish honey

    What is Propolis

    • Viscous-textured and brown waxy-fatty substance produced by bees from flower buds, trees sap, and other resources. It’s type differs according to its place of production.
    • Ancient civilization used propolis since time immemorial in medical field as a remedy for wounds and tumors. Pharaohs used in  embalming mummies.

    Propolis Components

    Propolis is composed of a group of organic elements such as:

    • Unsaturated fatty acids
    • Flavonoids
    • Resinous elements
    • Was material
    • Volatile essential oils
    • Pollen grains

    Propolis Benefits

    There are many health benefits for using propolis. Some of which are:

    • Controlling blood sugar levels therefore minimizing the likelihood of developing diabetes
    • Assists in the treatment and reducing of infections
    • Minimizing mucus membrane ulcers and inflammations for cancer patients after undergoing chemical therapy sessions
    • Limiting aphthous oral fungi.
    • Alleviating athlete’s foot problems
    • Reducing colds and flu
    • Limiting vaginal swelling
    • Therapy of annoying warts
    • Enhancing immune response
    • Acting on treating colon problems
    • Protecting against tuberculosis

    Royal Jelly

    • Milk-like substance secreted by bees known to provide many marvelous benefits as it is considered the bee larvae lifeblood and the only life-source for Queen Bees. Small bee larvae grow in no time due to this food while Queen bee feeds all her life on this royal jelly
    • Due to royal jelly, queen bee reaches double the size of the worker bees and thus it becomes able to produce thousands of eggs a day. Due to royal jelly, queen bee lives from 5 – 7 years while worker bee life span is only 45 days and the reason behind that is royal jelly.

    Royal Jelly (Royal Food) Benefits

    • Lowering of cholesterol and lipoprotein levels
    • Improving blood glucose levels
    • Limiting the likelihood of developing anemia
    • Protecting against developing Alzheimer disease
    • Supporting and improvement of brain’s functions
    • Increase of collagen levels and improvement of complexion’s appearance

    Royal Jelly Benefits For Sex

    • Due to many studies, royal jelly plays an important role in enhancing fertility as it is a rich source of amino acids and vitamins necessary thereto.
    • Royal jelly increases testosterone hormone levels, improves sperm quality, and stimulates sexual desire in both men and women alike.

    Propolis Honey and Royal Jelly Nutritional Values & Calories

    • Energy: 331 calories
    • Fats: 0 g
    • Saturated fats: 0 g
    • Carbohydrates: 81.5 g
    • Sugars: 58.5 g
    • Fibers: 0.3 g
    • Protein: 1 g
    • Salt: 0 g

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