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Ulker biscuit

Famous Ulker Products

Ulker company owns hundreds of products distributed in several categories such as chocolate, liquid chocolate, biscuits, juices, milk, vegetable oils, ice cream, cola, cake, pettifor, baby biscuits, chewing gum and candy, chocolate wafers and much more. It will be very difficult to mention all Ulker products in one article, so we will hurry to highlight the most prominent and famous Ulker global products.

Ulker Chocolate Bar

Turkish chocolate bars from Ulker, which are available in many sizes and sometimes some nuts are added to them, such as pistachios, hazelnuts and various fruit flavors.

These types are available in chocolate, milk and dark chocolate, and the percentage of cocoa involved in their manufacture varies from one type to another. One of the most famous types:

  • Ulker Bitter Dark Chocolate square 80% cocoa
  • Milk Chocolate, known as Ulker Red Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate free of sugar
  • Hazelnut Chocolate (Ulker Blue Chocolate)
  • Ulker Chocolate with pistachios
  • Milk Chocolate with Antep pistachios
  • Chocolate with hazelnuts and raisins
  • Dark Chocolate with black berries
  • Dark Chocolate with Antep pistachio
  • with hazelnuts and milk
  • Bitter Dark Chocolate square 60% cocoa
  • Vegan Dark Square Chocolate
  • White Chocolate milkshake with lemon
  • White Chocolate milkshake with sour cherry
  • White Chocolate with Antep pistachio
  • Chocolate with milk and almond
  • Ulker Neapolitan Chocolate

Ulker Chocolate Wafer

In 1980, Ulker produced chocolate wafer for the first time, thanks to modern production and packaging technologies that have been developed and continue to develop to this day. Ulker International produces a wide range of chocolate wafers in several sizes and flavors, including the following:
  • Ulker Chocolate Wafer
  • Wafer with hazelnuts
  • Wafer with banana cream
  • Wafer with Dark chocolate
  • Wafer with white chocolate and hazelnut
  • Wafer Chocolate with milk and hazelnut

Ulker Biscuits and snacks

Ulker products, in terms of biscuits, are characterized by a huge variety. There are more than 250 products on the market of high quality and conscious prices, needless to mentions its suitability for all ages, adults and children. Some of these varieties are:

  • Probis Biscuits with cocoa and banana cream
  • Biscuits with milk cream
  • Cream Sandwich Biscuit
  • Halley Biscuit with blackberry jam
  • Biscuits with cocoa
  • Rondo Biscuits with banana cream
  • Hanimeller Biscuits with hazelnuts
  • Hanimeller Biscuits with chocolate
  • Halley Biscuits (Ulker Golden Chocolate)
  • Wenger Biscuits
  • Biskrem Biscuits
  • Dido Raspberry Milk Chocolate coated wafer

Ulker Cake

As regards to cake and gateau, Ulker produces a wide range of varieties in various sizes and flavors, including:

  1. Ulker Banana cake
  2. Ulker Chocolate cake
  3. Ulker Strawberry cake
  4. Ulker Cake with hazelnuts

Ulker Beverages

Recently, Ulker company has firmly entered the beverages market at the level of milk, dairy derivatives, carbonated water, Cola and others:

  • Milk with Chocolate
  • Milk with Coffee
  • Ayran
  • Cola Turka

Buying Ulker Products Online

Ulker products are widely available all over Turkey, as no grocery store or shop can do without Ulker products that are very popular. The good news is that being in Turkey is not a requirement to get the wonderful Ulker products.

Sweet Saray Store, specialized in Turkish sweets, undertakes the task of delivering them to all its lovers anywhere in the world at the best price compared to other sources.

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