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Baklava Gift Box

Turkish Baklava and Delights Gift boxes

Gifts are considered a symbol of love between lovers, a messenger of longing between those who are far apart, and a messenger of goodness between those who are at odds. Gifts eliminate differences and bring distances closer. That’s why gifts are of great importance in our lives, especially after its development and progress and the abundance of travel and tourism.

As every traveler carries gifts to his relatives and loved ones; he is often perplexed and wonders about what type of gifts that gives pleasure to and is loved by everyone. Therefore we, at Sweet Saraya’s sweets and baklava Store, are trying to help you out in the process.

Assorted Turkish Baklava Gift Box

A Gift Sweets Box; a very luxurious box containing the finest and tastiest types of mixed Turkish baklava, as it contains 5 types of Turkish baklava from the famous Karaköy Güllüoğlu brand in Turkey, diversified between Antep pistachio fingers and original walnut chips.

Assorted Turkish Delights Box

You can present mixed Turkish delights box to your loved ones if you have an occasion or you are returning from traveling, as it contains a variety of Turkish delights that melts in the mouth, of the most famous brand for making it in Turkey, i.e. Hafiz Mustafa brand.

The box is a luxurious metal box meant for hospitality and presentation encompassing 6 varieties of Hafez Mustafa Turkish delights:

Plain Pistachios, Milk, Kiwi, Rose, hazelnuts, and hazelnuts and orange Turkish delights.

Assorted Turkish Delights Wooden Box

AS for those of fine taste and those who want to carry a nice souvenir from Turkey, Hafiz Mustafa Turkish delights company has made a luxurious and beautifully shaped wooden box containing six types of fresh Turkish delight free of any preservatives and consisting only of 100% natural products.

Hafiz Mustafa’s Burma Kadayif with Pistachios Gift Box

Baklava box: a metal box containing about 52 pieces of crispy baklava stuffed with ground pistachios and weighing about 2.25 kg with a distinctive flavor and is wrapped in a wonderful and delicate packaging.

Hafiz Mustafa Chocolate Baklava Gift Box

Surely your choice if you’re looking for an irresistible delight that combines the crunch of baklava and the strength of chocolate. From the pioneering Hafiz Mustafa company, it comes in the form of a metal box containing baklava with chocolate delicately wrapped and weighing about 1.8 kg.

Pistachios Turkish Baklava Luxurious Box

Since originality is our motive, and never forgetting about the first irreplaceable type of baklava on occasions, weddings and gifts, Sweet Saray presents you a luxurious box of Karaköy Güllüoğlu baklava with pistachios that will reach you wherever you are for all occasions :

Walnuts Turkish Baklava Gift box

Presented by Karaköy Güllüoğlu company, a luxurious and cheerful metal case, weighing about 0.9 kg, containing delicious pieces of baklava dipped in sirup and stuffed with the finest types of walnuts 1st pick.

Order Turkish desserts gift box online

Finally, never be late expressing to your loved ones how happy you are to have them and hurry up to order gift boxes for both of you; we wish you spend happy and joyful times with them.

You can view all types of Sweets Gift Boxes via the following link, where there are several shapes of boxes, different types and weights of half, kilos and two kilos that you can browse through the link:

it will reach you in 2-3 days to enjoy it wherever you are.

Baklava assortment gift box 1.7 kg
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