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Chocolate Baklawa and Pistachio 1 kg

Chocolate baklawa

This Chocolate Baklava is one favorite desserts for those who like chocolate. It's sweet, crisp, and buttery layers of phyllo filled with pistachio and chocolate make it a truly unique and special treat. This Turkish dessert uses chocolate and cocoa powder to flavor all of the baklawa elements: the phyllo dough, the filling, and the syrup.

Hafiz Mustafa baklawa with chocolate box

  • Hafiz Mustafa is one of the best Turkish desserts in turkey, he famous of Turkish baklava and Turkish delight. His branch in turkey are part of program of almost every single tourist
  • Large size Metal Box contains 19-20  pcs of Baklava
  • Chocolate Baklava filled with Pistachio
  • Appr. Gross weight 1000 Gr

hafiz mustafa turkish chocolate baklava

Ingredients of baklawa chocolate

  • Water, wheat flourwheat starch, sugar, butter, egg, salt, lemon juice,(walnut), cocoa powder, bitter chocolate powder.
  • Allergens are written İtalic and bold. May contain wheat gluten
  • Storage Conditions of chocolate baklava
  • Keep in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from direct sunlight

What is Turkish Baklawa?

Turkish Baklava is the most famous dessert and dessert in the world. It incorporates centuries of passion into each piece.

Baklava was baked at the Royal Palace in 1473. Baklava, made from a simple pastry to a dessert, requires skill to please its lovers. In Turkey, the pastry for making baklava is rolled so thinly that when you lift someone standing behind it appears to be looking through a net curtain.

 The city of Gaziantep in southeastern Turkey is famous for its pistachios, where our pistachios come from and are then transformed into an art by our chefs. Today, baklava is no longer just a dessert, but a ubiquitous gift for all kinds of celebrations. All births visit weddings, graduations or even funerals.

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