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Turkish sweets differ and vary according to the Turkish cuisine it comes from. In Turkey there are more than one main cuisine due to the geographical expansion of the country. This is what made the Ottoman cuisine, generally and historically, influence and be influenced by other cultures that were under the Ottoman rule at that time. The appearance of Karakoy Gulluoglu brand, for which we dedicate this article, is the best example of the aforesaid.

The Success Story of Karakoy Gulluoglu 

The formal website of the company on the internet says that the first grandfather “Hacı Mehmed Güllü”, known as "Güllü Çelebi" went from Antep city of Turkey towards Aleppo and Damascus in Syria where he settled for about six months. There he learned the principles of preparing baklava and came back home to open his own shop.

After the death of Güllü Çelebi, his son Hacı Mehmed Güllü followed the footsteps of his father and started preparing baklava of a soft dough. The four sons of Hacı Mehmed Güllü grew up and baklava makers thus baklava industry became a career and tradition in Güllü family.

After its popularity amongst Antep residents and the admiration of Güllüoğlu sweets in general and baklava in specific, by them, Mustafa Güllü, the grandson of Hacı Mehmed Güllü He inaugurated the first baklava store in Karaköy, Istanbul in 1949. It was the first baklava store outside Gaziantep. Since then, Karakoy Gulluoglu started as the first brand of baklava in Istanbul.

Nowadays, the fifth generation of the family runs Karakoy Gulluoglu baklava and sweets. The company is proud to own the biggest sweets factory in the region.

Karakoy Gulluoglu Baklava Types

Karakoy Gulluoglu store is distinctive for its diversified Turkish sweets where it serves a wide spectrum of Turkish traditional desserts. Turkish baklava manufacture is manly its specialty In addition to kadayif, Şöbiyet, burma, delights, and nuts along with fresh puddings stuffed with cheese, meat, olives and spinach.

Turkish Baklava From Karakoy Gulluoglu

Turkish baklava is a kind of desserts that is composed of several thin layers of dough stuffed with diversified types of nuts and sweetened by syrup of honey to make it coherent in texture. The daily baklava production in Turkey is estimated at 1000 tons produced by approximately 30000 factories all over the country.

Types of Turkish Baklava of Karakoy Gulluoglu 

  • Turkish baklava with walnuts 
  • Turkish baklava with pistachios
  • Turkish baklava free of gluten
  • Chocolate Turkish baklava 
  • Triangle Turkish baklava
  • Mixed baklava sweets box
  • Pistachios Şöbiyet
  • Turkish baklava rolls with walnuts

Baklava Nutritional Value

100 g of baklava of Karakoy Gulluoglu Baklava & Sweets contain

  • 7 g protein
  • 49 g carbohydrates
  • 21 g fats

Best  Baklava & Sweets Products

Karakoy Gulluoglu burger pistachios baklava

  • Prepared of the finest quality by the hands of the best confectionery experts
  • Ad-hoc techniques were used in processing
  • Distinctive for splendid shape and irresistible taste
  • Of a low dough percentage compared to other baklava
  • Filled with plenty of luxurious Antep pistachios
  • Suitable meal for those who prefer cream and ice cream.

Karakoy Gulluoglu chocolate baklava

  • Prepared of thin baklava dough
  • Preferable Turkish baklava for chocolate lovers
  • Taste of chocolate is always there in each bite
  • Suitable for all tastes with luxurious hazelnuts filling

Karakoy Gulluoglu Turkish Şöbiyet

  • 13 layers of thin baklava dough
  • The surface layer is crunchy
  • Pistachios Şöbiyet cooking time is shorter than that of the traditional baklava
  • Şöbiyet is grilled in a 170 degrees temperature oven.

Karakoy Gulluoglu Fingers Baklava with Antep Pistachios

  • Made of one roll of phyllo flakes
  • Filled with luxurious Antep/Halabi pistachios
  • Suitable for all occasions and holiday seasons
  • Cardboard and metal cans/ boxes with different weights and sizes as per desire
  • Anaerobic wrapping carrying the name: Karakoy Gulluoglu Baklava & Sweets

 Calories in Turkish Baklava

  • 100 g of baklava contain 400 cal.
  • One meal of baklava contain 650 cal.
  • One piece contains 165 cal.

Karakoy Gulluoglu Gift Boxes

If you’re looking for a valuable gift to surprise your loved ones, sweet gift box of fresh and crunchy mixed baklava of Karakoy Gulluoglu will be a good idea. Put it in your basket and it will reach the door of your loved ones within a few days.

Where To Buy Karakoy Gulluoglu Baklava

There is only one branch of Karakoy Gulluoglu in Istanbul. You can visit it and enjoy having the most delicious Turkish desserts therein.

Buying Karakoy Gulluoglu Baklava Online

Sweet Saray Store makes it available for you to have all Karakoy Gulluoglu Sweets and products in your place of residence. Sweet Saray Store, by testimonies of customers, is considered the first in the Arab world in marketing Turkish sweets like: delights, chocolates, and many more and delivering the same to all parts of the world in a quick, safe and sound way of payment.

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