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Malaysian Bio-Honey 12 Envelops, 15 G

Malaysian Bio-Honey 12 Envelops, 15 G
Malaysian Bio-Honey 12 Envelops, 15 G
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     Malaysian Bio-Honey

    Malaysian Bio-Honey or as it may be called “the Royal Honey” is one of the finest types of natural honey as it’s produced by a special group of young bees. This dedicated group holds the responsibility of producing this type of royal honey only.

    Malaysian honey contains large amounts of body-useful proteins that supply it with energy and vitality. Malaysian royal honey is largely demanded type of honey in the GCC in general and in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular.


    Pure & Original Royal Honey

    • Royal honey is one of the most famous Malaysian products suitable for both men and women
    • Elegant cardboard box encompassing 12 envelops, each containing 15 g
    • This royal paste is considered a perfect aphrodisiac with the extract of ginseng, and Eurycoma longifolia (Longjack plant).
    • As per experiments performed thereon, the royal honey has been chosen as the best remedy for sexual dysfunction.
    • Malaysian royal honey has got a strong and immediate natural effect
    • An effective honey mixture that increases blood flow into the genitals of both men and women.

    Royal Bio-Honey Components

    • 98% pure royal honey
    • 1% Eurycoma longifolia
    • 1% ginseng


    Why It’s Called “Royal Honey”

    This type of honey is called Malaysian “Royal Honey” as the bee queen feeds on it; it is the main food for the queen in the beehive. This royal food has got an essential and vital effect: when the queen eats this type of honey, its body size gets bigger, ovaries is developed, and life span increases. 


    Malaysian Royal Honey Benefits for Men

    • The royal bio-honey is a good source of energy
    • Used to enhance the sexual ability in males
    • Men’s royal honey increases the penis growth
    • Stimulates the central-sensory nervous system
    • Good remedy for erection dysfunction that prolongs the continuity thereof.
    • Postpones ejaculation and prolongs intercourse beyond reaching orgasm


    Bio-Honey Benefits for Women

    • Royal honey increases sexual desire in women without any side effects
    • Increases fertility ratios and improves reproductive health.
    • Facilitates penetration and alleviates accompanied pain
    • Regulates menstrual period and alleviates it symptoms
    • Raises feelings of pleasure during intimacy
    • Assists women reach the required thrill and orgasm
    • Enhances the ovaries function and increases the chances of conception
    • Malaysian honey is the best therapy for sexual dysfunction in women.


    When Does the Effect of Royal Honey Start

    Usually half-an-hour to one hour after use. Energy feeling continues for a period of one to three days as you can notice the difference since the first or the second day maximum.


    How to Use the Royal Honey

    • Consume honey directly from the envelope with a glass of water 45 minutes before intimacy
    • Don’t consume more than one envelope a day
    • It’s recommended to have it on an empty stomach in the morning.



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