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2 Wooden Boney Spoons, 15 CM

2 Wooden Boney Spoons, 15 CM
2 Wooden Boney Spoons, 15 CM
2 Wooden Boney Spoons, 15 CM
2 Wooden Boney Spoons, 15 CM
2 Wooden Boney Spoons, 15 CM
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    2 Wooden Boney Spoons, 15 CM

    Wooden honey spoon adds wealth and elegance to your table and places in which it is used as it is characterized by an elegant and beautiful appearance compared to other traditional spoons. Wooden spoons are very safe while using with dietary products especially honey in addition to being able to prevent honey spillage and keeps the place clean.

    Wooden Honey Spoons Specifications

    • 2 honey spoons
    • Product’s length 15 cm
    • Light brown color
    • Made of natural wood
    • Can be used with honey and all jam types
    • Specialists recommend using wooden spoons to prevent chemical reactions that may result from the usage of metal spoons with honey.
    • Designed as to allow obtaining honey from the jar without any problems
    • Distributes honey smoothly and evenly on the whole toast area
    • Product’s color tone may vary a little bit if compared with photos due to lighting.

    Turkish Honey Benefits

    • Honey contains high percentage of natural sugars that can provide instant energy for the body.
    • Bees’ honey stimulates the body’s metabolism process and assists controlling the appetite leading finally to losing weight.
    • Turkish honey acts on enhancing the memory and maintaining ideal-level brain health.
    • Contributes in wounds’ healing and curing
    • Very useful in colds cases
    • Can be used as an alternative of sugar as it contains low-sugar levels
    • Enhances freshness of the complexion and vitality of the skin
    • Honey assists in secreting melatonin compound that regulate sleep process and fights insomnia .

    Disadvantages of Consuming Honey with Metal Spoons

    • Therapeutic nutrition professors warn of the dangers of the usage of metal spoons while eating honey because metals of which that spoon is made, whether iron or others, my oxidize with honey, and therefore makes it lose its nutritional value
    • Therefore, wooden spoons are first recommended, after which plastic and ceramic spoons come next in sequence provided not to leave such spoons inside the jar with direct contact with honey for long periods of time.

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