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Salty Trukish Antep Pistachios 500 G

Salty Trukish Antep Pistachios 500 G
Salty Trukish Antep Pistachios 500 G
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Turkish Antep Pistachios 500 G

Antep pistachio is considered one of the best Turkish nut types and the most used in the Turkish and Arabic cuisines. Sometimes it is called “Halabi pistachios” as the Syrian city of Aleppo was renowned for in the ancient times.

What is Antep Pistachios

The southwestern and middle regions of Asia were famous for growing this type of pistachios which belongs to the gum tree family that need a semi-dry atmosphere to grow the thing that is remarkable in the interior regions of Turkey such as the city of Gaziantep from which the name comes “Antep pistachios”. This pistachios is there in most Turkish sweets as it adds a wonderful and delicious taste to those internationally renowned dishes.

The Turks invested in growing Antep pistachios due to its fame and good financial returns the thing that led them to name the tree as “the Green Gold” tree because for them it equals the value of yellow gold.

Antep Pistachios Benefits

  • Antep pistachios contain high percentage of antioxidants and thus it is a good source for reducing harmful cholesterol and minimizing the heart diseases incidence rate.
  • Many studies indicate that Antep pistachios enhances blood sugar levels in case of repeating eating it as it contains healthy fats, fibers, carotenes, and phenol compounds that are good for diabetics.
  • Fibers contained in Antep pistachios are considered very important for the digestion system health and protecting it against developing any diseases.
  • Antep pistachios contain lutein and zabaxanthin that are vital for protecting the eye against age-related macular degeneration.
  • Pistachios is a type of a low-calories foods as it contains high percentage of unsaturated fats that are good for losing weight in addition to the good amount of protein and healthy fiber contained therein that enhance the feeling of satiety and fullness.

Antep Pistachios Usages

Antep pistachio wide fame and distinctive nutritional values have made it one of the first and most important choice in the general uses for food and sweets industry the thing that Turkish sweets are famous for as you can barely find any dish of Turkish sweets void of pistachios. It has got many uses in baklava, chocolate, ice cream, and many more sweets and cookies. Pistachios are used in food dishes, healthy diets and in the decoration of different tables.

Antep Pistachios Nutritional Values

Pistachios contain high nutritional values. In the following list, we’ll explain the nutritional values for 100 g of Antep pistachios:

  • Calories: 562 cal.
  • Total fats: 45 g
  • Protein: 20 g
  • Sodium: 1 mg
  • Potassium: 102 mg.

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