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Natural Camel Milk Soap, 100 G

Natural Camel Milk Soap, 100 G

Camel Milk Soap, a natural product from Arifoğlu the renowned perfumer, is an excellent cleanser for your complexion, useful for irritated skin, and removes deal skin cells. Camel milk soap grants flexibility and shine to the skin and nourishes the scalp therefore it’s considered a product suitable for use for face, body, and hair alike.

Camel Milk

Camel milk contains fats and calories much less than cow’s milk

Camel milk contains higher percentage of vitamin B3 and iron if compared with cows’ milk

Camel milk contains a tiny amount of lactose the thing that makes it a perfect choice for those who can’t consume cow’s milk due to problems related to lactose.

According to studies, camel milk is said to be very close, in nature and texture, to mother’s milk.

Camel Milk Soap Benefits for the Complexion & its Whitening

  • Camel milk acts on softening the complexion and increasing its purity
  • Plays a good role lightening the complexion
  • Assists in exfoliating the complexion and increasing its vitality
  • Acts on treating facial pimples and acnes related to adolescence and youth
  • Assists in removing skin’s dark spots and reduces wrinkles appearance
  • Camel milk protects against sun rays as it was uses as a sunscreen by Bedouins during their long journeys

 Camel Milk Soap Benefits for the Hair & its Growth Enhancement

  • Camel milk soap acts on nourishing hair roots and increasing its growth and density due to its important ingredients
  • Camel milk fights hair and particles breakage as it is rich in nutrient oils
  • Enhances the functions of hair follicles and compensates deficiency of protein therein.
  • Grants the hair lasting shine and moisture as it is rich in vitamins
  • Combats dryness of the scalp and prevents formation of unpleasant dandruff.

Camel Milk Soap Way of Use

  • You can use it for both hair and body
  • Moisten your body while bathing with warm water to open the pores of your complexion and scalp
  • Apply sufficient amounts of camel milk soap over your hair and complexion
  • Carefully and in a round movement, rub your hair strongly from roots to ends
  • Wait for two minutes then rinse your hair and body with water
  • Repeat the process in every bathing
  • Dry your hair and complexion carefully.

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