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Turkish Luxurious Dried Black Mulberries, 170 G

Turkish Luxurious Dried Black Mulberries, 170 G
Turkish Luxurious Dried Black Mulberries, 170 G
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    Luxurious Dried Black Mulberries, 170 G

    The finest types of wild black mulberries naturally dried away from chemical substances, of a sweet taste, rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for you and all your family members. Black mulberries (Shami berries) enjoy a lot of characteristics that make it indispensible in your kitchen.

    Black Mulberries Tree

    • A tree with origins in Western Asia; the Middle East region, a perennial deciduous tree of small size
    • Black mulberry has been cultivated in the Mediterranean basin for long centuries then spread to many parts of the world.

    Black Mulberries

    • Black mulberry fruit is a small berry of a closer-to-black burgundy color, about 3 cm long, consists of a cluster of compact small berries. It’s tree grows up to 13 meters high.
    • When ripe, mulberry fruit is eaten raw and it can be squeezed out to drink after diluting with water or can be made into “Shami berries” jam or in the form of molasses.

    Dried Black Mulberries Benefits

    • Mulberry is very useful in anemia, sore throat and gum cases
    • Enjoys a positive effect in terms of temperature lowering and measles disease
    • Rich in basic vitamins and minerals
    • Fights thirstiness feeling
    • Stomach and intestines laxative and anthelmintic properties

    Black Mulberries Benefits for Sex

    • Recent scientific studies confirm that mulberry has got male hormonal effect the fact that makes it a useful food for impotence cases.

    Dried Black Mulberries Benefits for the Complexion

    • Black mulberry is used for the treatment of some skin diseases like psoriasis
    • Antioxidants contained in “Shami berries” assist getting rid of acne problems
    • It is possible to use a topical ointment made of black mulberry leaves as a therapy for eczema

    How to Make A Black Mulberries Complexion Mask

    • Grind a few black mulberries
    • Add some yogurt
    • Sprinkle some nutmeg powder and a little lemon juice
    • Spread the make evenly over the face and neck
    • Wash your face with warm water after 25 minutes have passed
    • Regular use of this mask will assist you regain your complexion’s freshness and youth.

    Dried Black Mulberries Calories

    Dried black mulberries calories: 308 cal. per 100 g

    • Nutritional Values Upon Consuming a Full Cup of Dried Black Mulberries
    • 0.3 g fats
    • 15 g carbohydrates
    • 5.6 g fibers
    • 8.7 g sugars
    • 1.4 g protein
    • 1.4 mg sodium
    • 191 mg potassium
    • 2.2% of the recommended daily dosage of vitamin A
    • 69% of vitamin C
    • 2% of calcium
    • 3.9 % iron

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