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Turkish Chili Pepper Jam, 400 G

Turkish Chili Pepper Jam, 400 G
Turkish Chili Pepper Jam, 400 G
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    Turkish Chili Pepper Jam, 400 G

    Turkish red capsicum paste, a natural product from of additives. For preparation, the finest fresh red capsicums are selected from the year’s yield, cooked with natural sugar over wood fire following the traditional ways and the result is a versatile red hot capsicum paste of a unique taste that everybody loves. Upon opening the lid, the pleasant smell will spread all over the place.

    • Glass bottle of Turkish red pepper paste
    • Red capsicum equals almost 65% of the product
    • Does not contain any colorants or additives
    • Produced following natural and traditional ways
    • Chili jam is healthy because it is 100% natural

    Turkish Chili Pepper Jam Benefits

    • Enhances the health of the nervous system and stimulates the memory
    • Acts on lowering hypertension as it is rich in folic acid and potassium
    • Contributes forming red blood cells as it contains iron and fights the likelihood of developing anemia
    • Acts on relieving bruises and infections pains
    • Fights bacteria and infections
    • Enhances the eye’s health and the safety of sight
    • Assists in the prevention of developing ulcers and stomach infections

    Chili Pepper Benefits for Sex

    • Chili pepper contributes stimulating blood circulation and blood pumping increase into genital organs for both men and women.
    • Acts on irritating genital organs the thing that enhances the sexual desire in both parties.
    • Increase the secretion of feminine hormone and raises vaginal temperature in women.

    Chili Red Pepper Benefits for the Hair

    • Moisturizes the scalp and limits the chances of its inflammation as it is rich in antioxidants
    • Increases blood reach into the scalp significantly therefore enhances hair growth.
    • Limits hair loss

    Chili Red Capsicum Benefits for Losing Weight

    • Chili pepper assists feeling full (satiety) for longer periods of time
    • Enhances the metabolism process and its quickness thus assists the body to get rid of excess weight

    Turkish Chili Pepper Jam Way of Preparation

    • Mash red capsicums with onions, garlic, and water using food processor until finely chopped.
    • Put the mixture in an 18 cm saucepan, add sauce, sugar, vinegar as well as lemon juice
    • Stir the ingredients on a medium fire until sugar is fully dissolved
    • Lower the heat a little, bring it to a boil, leave it 35 – 40 minutes until the jam ingredients are thoroughly combined
    • This jam can be stored for a period no less than 6 months in the refrigerator
    • After the first use, it can be kept and used for approximately 2 months.

    Chili Capsicum Paste Calories

    100 g of chili red pepper jam contain:

    • Energy: 191 cal.
    • Protein: 87.3 g
    • Fats: 0.44 g
    • Calcium: 17 mg
    • Iron: 3.4 mg
    • Sodium: 11 mg
    • Vitamin G, ascorbic acid: 143.7 mg
    • Vitamin A: 952 mg

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