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KARACA Turkish Coffee Maker

KARACA Turkish Coffee Machine

Roasted Turkish coffee, Turkish milk coffee, milk coffee types or hot chocolate?! Whatever coffee type you wish to try, KARACA Hatır Mod Coffee Machine will always be there at your side.

KARACA Hatır Mod, the one and only in the world, grants coffee according to your mood status with a capacity to make 5 cups of coffee of different flavors at a time.

Hatır Mod machine was designed to assist you enjoy varieties of coffee flavors in different times of the day and to prepare various Turkish coffee types easily for all family members.

KARACA Hatır Mod Turkish Coffee Machine Specifications

  • Gives you the traditional flavor of coffee, has got the capacity of preparing Turkish coffee and milk beverage as if it were made on coal with a lot of foam.
  • Capacity to prepare 5 cups of coffee at a time quickly and very efficiently.
  • Automatic temperature adjustment (doesn’t burn coffee) and prepares it at the perfect temperature.
  • Automatic shutdown after cooking: your machine will stop automatically; you need not to control it.
  • Gives you the advantage of heating milk without reaching boiling temperature.
  • Overflow prevention system activated by ad-hoc smart sensors attached.

KARACA Hatır Mod Turkish Coffee Machine Descriptions

  • Color: red
  • Dimensions: 19 x 18 x 27 cm
  • Country of origin: Turkey
  • Capacity: 735 watts
  • Capability: 5 cups
  • Guarantee: two years
  • Not suitable for wash in the dishwasher

Turkish Coffee  Preparation Using KARACA Hatır Mod Coffee Machine

  • Put sufficient amount of water with a big spoon of Dünyası or Mehmet Efendi coffee in the cooking pot
  • Put the cooking pot in its place then press the Turkish coffee preparation button
  • When the coffee is ready, the machine will make a sound telling you that the process is over.
  • Now, you can pour it in a porcelain cup and add sugar as per desire
  • Serve it with a piece of the luxurious Turkish delights or one of the Turkish baklava types.
  • Preparation of milk coffee or hot chocolate is the same; you just need to replace water with milk and press button on to prepare your preferred drink.

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