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Hair Styles Keratin Hair Foam

Hair Styles Keratin Hair Foam

Syoss Keratin hair foam largely used renders the hair more healthy and strong. Its starts fixing damaged hair from the inside out nourishing the same by reaching its roots. Syoss keratin foam plays a vital role exterminating dead cells off the skin. Due to Syoss foamed keratin, hair surface acquires smooth appearance turning more soft at the same time. The product provides necessary moistening and assists nourishing the hair. In this way, difficulties are eradicated and cases such as fractures are prevented.

  • Hair regenerating and nourishing
  • Hair softening formula
  • Healthy and fast hair growth.

Syoss Keratin Hair Cream 250 Ml

  • Renders the hair looks well-groomed as if done by a hairdresser
  • Due to keratin component, hair looks brighter
  • Syoss keratin foam strengthens the hair rendering it more durable
  • Syoss keratin foam effect lasts 48 hours
  • Provides shine and elasticity via fixing the hair with excellent-fixation-level foam 
  • Keratin foam acts on strengthening the hair preventing its breakage and brittleness.

Benefits of Syoss Keratin Hair Foam

  • Maintaining hairstyle for about 48 hours
  • Imparts natural shine and softness for the hair
  • Nourishes the hair from its roots
  • Protects the hair from the heat of the hair dryer

How to Use Keratin-reinforced Syoss Hair Foam

  • Well shake the container several times
  • Apply foam on your palm
  • Extend the foam on your hair
  • Style your hair the way you like
  • Do not wash your hair.

Important Tips Upon Using Syoss Hair Styles Foam

  • Avoid daily use as much as possible to prevent hair breakage
  • Be careful not to make contact with the eyes

Does Syoss Foam Contain Paraben

Due to ECARF-tested and approved silicones, paraben, mineral oils and colorants- free formula, this product styles your hair without weighing it down and grants it instant shine.

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