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Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee Set

Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee  Set
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Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee Set of Cups

Luxurious Turkish coffee set of cups from Mehmet Efendi, the first commercial brand in Turkey, especially designed for coffee lovers and good tasters.

Product Description:

  • Prestigious Mehmet Efendi coffee metal box weighing 250 g
  • 2 Turkish coffee white cups
  • 2 small round-shaped white saucers
  • Copper cezve (coffee pot) meant for preparing Turkish coffee
  • Elegant cardboard box encompassing the full set.
  • Arrives in a suitable and tight packaging to protect it against any damage.

Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee

  • One of the pioneering companies in Turkish coffee industry.
  • All products are made of the luxurious Coffea Arabica kernels
  • Products’ exports to more than 50 countries around the world.
  • Turkish Coffee way of preparation

How to prepare Turkish coffee:

  • Mix water, coffee, and sugar in the cezve using a small teaspoon.
  • Put the mixture on low fire
  • While the mixture’s temperature rises, a foam will form on the surface
  • Lift the cezve off fire before boiling
  • Distribute foam on coffee cups. Put the cezve back on fire.
  • Leave it till it heats up again.
  • After boiling, pour the coffee gently into Mehmet Efendi cups to preserve the desired foam.
  • Serving pieces of Turkish delights or baklava along it will be an excellent idea

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