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Nature’s Supreme Omega 3, 60 Capsules

Nature's supreme omega 3 1000 mg

A product containing large amounts of omega 3 fatty acids and fish oil. Each soft capsule contains 360 mg of omega 3 fatty acids. Stomach-acids resistant gel capsules that directly dissolve in the gastro-intestinal tract are used to obtain ultimate benefit.

Types of Dietary Supplement of the Product

  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Unsaturated fats
  • Carbohydrates

Omega 3 Specification

  • Tasteless and odorless
  • Capsule origin is halal and endorsed bovine gelatin
  • Holds an invention patent
  • Awarded the certificate of purity and high-efficiency
  • Produced as per the standards of the US Food and Drug Administration.
  • Awarded the Turkish Accreditation Certificate
  • Produced in facilities awarded the ISO9001 and 2000 certification
  • These laboratories are amongst the pioneer centers of micro-biological analysis of Europe
  • 200 quality-control points in each stage of production
  • Raw-materials are purchased from Meg the most reliable fish oil supplier in the world.
  • Gel coated-capsules resistant to stomach acids

Omega 3 benefits for men

  • Omega 3 capsules contribute prolonging erection of the penis
  • Plays an important role in sexual desire increase
  • Contribute maintaining the balance of body’s hormones level
  • Omega 3 acids act on improving the quality and type of semen

Omega 3 Benefits for Hair

  • Strengthen hair follicles
  • Prevent hair-loss
  • Moisturize the scalp
  • Grant remarkable hair shine

Omega-3 benefits for women

  • Contribute alleviating the menstrual period pains
  • Minimize hunger feelings
  • Limit the chances of premature births
  • Increase chances of pregnancy
  • Limit developing ovarian infections

How much omega 3 per day

  • It’s recommended to consume one capsule a day after meal for adults
  • For pregnancy and lactation cases consider consulting your doctor.

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