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Original Sumac Turkish, 80 G

Sumac Turkish, 80 G

Sumac ground, one of the favorable spice and seasonings in the Middle East regions especially the Arab countries as it is considered one of the basics of the popular dishes there such as hummus, falafel and “msakh-khan” (Chicken breasts with olives and Arabic bread loafs). Sumac adds beloved sour flavor to your dishes in addition to being rich substances that renders its presence on the table an indispensible thing

Ground Sumac Turkish

  • Quantity: 80 g
  • Ingredients: ground sumac
  • Origin: Turkey
  • Does not contain any additives
  • Awarded the “Halal Certificate”
  • Product has been processed and packed as per the most modern international methods

What Is a Sumac Plant

  • Sumac is a plant that belongs to the Rhus genus that encompasses around 35 types of flowering plants of the Anacardiaceae family.
  • A shrub or a small tree that usually grows on a height ranges between 3 to 10 meters high (10 – 33 feet) with pinnate compound leaves; i.e. each leave is divided into several smaller leaflets. The leaves are usually green yet they may turn red, orange or yellow in autumn.
  • Sumac is native to the Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean regions.

What is Sumac Spice

Sumac is one of the seasonings derived from the sumac plant that is similar to raspberry. It is delicious and versatile and commonly used in the Middle East and the Mediterranean cuisines to impart a refreshing and lemon flavor to dishes.

What Are Sumac Uses

  • Sumac has got a pungent and slightly sour flavor therefore it is usually used as an alternative to lemon juice, vinegar, or salt in the recipes
  • It is a basic component in dishes like hummus and “fattoush” salad
  • Sumac can also be used to season grilled meat, fish, and vegetables and as a sprinkle on rice, soup, and sauces dishes.
  • Apart from being used in cooking, such has been used also for medical purposes in some cultures.
  • It’s believed that sumac has got anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It may also assist in the digestion system’s problems.

Sumac Benefits

  • Sumac is rich in antioxidants which are compounds that protect the body against damages caused by harmful molecules called free radicals .
  • Sumac has got anti-inflammatory properties that may assist minimizing inflammation of the body .
  • Some studies show that sumac may assist improving control of blood sugar levels the thing that makes it one of the potential useful seasonings for diabetics
  • It has been proven that sumac has got anti-microbial properties the thing that means that it may assist in fighting bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.
  • Sumac is one of the delicious seasonings that can be used to impart depth and flavor onto dishes without adding salt. This can be helpful for those who are looking forward minimizing salt consumption for health reasons.

Dishes Suitable for Ground Sumac

  • Stuffed food types
  • Kebabs
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Palestinian msakh-khan ( Chicken breasts with olives and Arabic bread loafs)
  • Syrian falafel

Sumac and Weight Loss

It’s been proven that sumac may assist lose extra weight and avoid excess obesity as well as enhance body’s cells sensitivity towards insulin

Sumac Calories

Sumac is low in calories as each teaspoon of sumac contains 8 calories only,

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