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Turkish Chestnut (Castanea) 500 g

Turkish Chestnut (Castanea) 500 g
Turkish Chestnut (Castanea) 500 g
Turkish Chestnut (Castanea) 500 g
Turkish Chestnut (Castanea) 500 g
Turkish Chestnut (Castanea) 500 g
Turkish Chestnut (Castanea) 500 g
Turkish Chestnut (Castanea) 500 g
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    Turkish Chestnut (Castanea), 500 g

    The best quality types of Turkish Chestnut or as some Arab people like to call “Abu Farwa”. Big-sized delicious –tasting chestnut beans you can share with your loved ones in a much warmer winter nights to make your conversations more pleasant and wonderful.

    Turkish Chestnuts

    • Chestnut is a famous type of nuts in Turkey. Turkish types of chestnuts enjoy large size, pleasant taste, and easy-to-remove inner shell. Turkish chestnut has got a wide popularity as you can see it sold on street sides especially during cold winter days. Chestnuts plant is one of the nuts types that have got numerous benefits for the health the thing that gives it large momentum in terms of consumptions in Turkey. 
    • Turkish production of chestnuts is estimated of more than 60 thousand tons annually
    • The city of Aydın is the most famous city for growing chestnut as it produces more than one-third of Turkish chestnuts yield alone.
    • Turkey is ranked fifth worldwide in chestnuts production after China, Portugal, Spain, and Italy.

    Turkish Chestnuts Benefits for the Health

    • According to many researches, antioxidants present in Turkish chestnuts assists curbing the proliferation of cancer cells and growth and they cause them to die.
    • One of the most prominent tumors chestnut has a positive effect thereon are breast, prostate, and colon caners
    • According to many studies, chestnuts assist in weight-loss process
    • Important source for antioxidants
    • Chestnuts contain zeaxanthin substance that is concentrated in the retina and protects it from deterioration
    • It may assist in lowering insulin
    • Plays an important role in protecting the heart from the oxidative stress which is a case that may lead to some heart diseases
    • Chestnut is a rich source of fibers that assists the digestion process healthily
    • Plays an important role in improving the intestinal health and minimizing inflammations therein.
    • Boosts the ability to control blood sugar levels

    Turkish chestnuts Calories

    Calories for 100 g of Turkish chestnut is 245 cal.

    Chestnuts Nutritional Values

    100 g of chestnuts contain:

    • Carbohydrates 53 g
    • Fibers 5 g
    • Protein 3 g
    • Fats 2 g

    Method of Grilling Turkish Chestnut

    • Bring 1 kg, or any other quantity convenient for your family, of Turkish chestnut
    • Using a knife, make small cuts on the surface of the chestnut shell to form tiny cracks from which heat enters
    • If using an oven, start the oven on at 190 degrees, put the chestnuts beans on a tray
    • Leave it in the oven for about 15 minutes until the shell changes color
    • Keep on stirring until ripe from all sides
    • When ripe, peel it and serve hot
    • Advisable to be eaten along with butter and honey

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