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Hafiz Mustafa Pistachios With Pomegranate Turkish Delights/ 1 kg

Hafiz Mustafa Pistachios With Pomegranate Turkish Delights/ 1 kg
Hafiz Mustafa Pistachios With Pomegranate Turkish Delights/ 1 kg
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Pistachios With Pomegranate Turkish Delights

Pomegranate Turkish delights is one of the most delicious types of delights for which demand is greatly increasing after its spread in the Arab world; thanks to tourists who visit Turkey and taste it from its most famous stores in Istanbul.

The Most Delicious Pomegranate Turkish Delights

Pomegranate Turkish Delights from the Turkish cuisine is very delicious. It’s well known that pomegranate is rich of vitamins and anti-oxidant minerals that reduce the likelihood of developing many diseases. It nourishes the complexion, strengthens the heart’s health, minimizes cholesterol levels, relieves arthritis, very useful for anemia, and much more.

Hafiz Mustafa Turkish Delights

This product of Hafiz Mustafa that is considered the most famous baklava and Turkish delights store in Turkey, has got a big sky-rocketing fame due to products’ quality and distinctive and delicious taste. You can now order it fresh to your home via Sweet Saray Store.

The Luxurious Turkish Delights

If you’ve an experience in Istanbul, Turkey, you must have known that you can’t find more delicious than Hafiz Mustafa Turkish delights, and you must have stood on a long queue waiting for your turn to buy Hafiz Mustafa sweets and seen how famous and how much do people and visitors of Turkey like it!

Pomegranate Turkish Delights Specification

  • Distinctive and unique Turkish delights
  • Melts in the mouth and raises the happiness hormones to ultimatum
  • Enjoy it with Turkish coffee
  • One of the most famous and finest Turkish delights ever since 1864
  • The product is fresh and without any preservatives or other additives
  • All Hafiz Mustafa types are made of natural materials and sweetened by natural beet sugar
  • Sent packages are anaerobically and tightly packed
  • All are “Halal” products awarded the Turkish Standards Institution certificate.

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