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ulker kat kat tat biscuit 24 pcs

Five layers of wafers, four layers of delicious hazelnut cream; a snack that suits all times of your day made of wheat flour, sugar and vegetable oils.


Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oils, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier, eggs, salt, acidity regulator, flavorings, coloring, fermenting agent.

The Nutritional Value of Kat Kat Kat and Its Calories

  • 100 g of the product contains 530 kcal
  • Nutritional value: 4.4 g Protein, 29 g fat, 63 g carbohydrates.
  • Precautionary Allergen Label
  • May contain traces of sesame and nuts.

Storage conditions

Stored in a cool and dry place

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