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Sweet Saray

The brand name comes from the Palace of Sweets, as it combines the word Saray, which means palace in Turkish, which symbolizes luxury and prestige, and the English word Sweet symbolizing the ability to serve the whole world with the finest types of original sweets from Turkey.

Sweet Saray aspires to be the leading brand in the Turkish sweets market, which offers its services to its customers in all Middle Eastern  Europe and USA, one of the most famous Turkish sweets brands.

We have founded ٍ Sweet Saray for one reason. To deliver delicious Turkish tastes to all the people around the world.

Not just deliver. Deliver it fresh, fast and at an affordable price including superior customer service.

We have been serving irresistible delicious Turkish tastes. Our mission is to keep you smiling with every bite.

Most of our products are produced by famous brands of Turkey in their categories

Our office is in Istanbul, Turkey which is close to the Grand Bazaar. We are working hard to handle all deliveries to sustain the best product quality, fastest shipping, and superior customer service. For having these qualifications, we are working with DHL Express Worldwide for all shipping's we have.

Our Registration

Registered in Turkey under the name | Madar ic ve dis tic ltd sti

Our address | Istanbul Ikitellei - Behind Mall of Istanbul

Tax number | 6100646443