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Sugar Free Original Organic Almond Milk, 240 G

Sugar Free Original Organic Almond Milk, 240 G
Sugar Free Original Organic Almond Milk, 240 G
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Original Almond Milk Concentrate, 240 G

Liquid almond milk with its dense composition is obtained after grinding and processing 1st quality Turkish almond. It is distinguished for its smooth texture and a slightly cream-like color. When added with convenient dosage to a suitable amount of water, it sure offers an experience that does not differ from milk in terms of taste and consistency. Moreover, due to the unique flavor of almond milk, it offers a more enjoyable consumption experience .

Wefood Almond Milk Concentrate Properties

  • Almond milk extract
  • Sugar free
  •  It tastes better than cows’ milk
  • Free of chemical additives
  • Free of any preservatives

Almond Tree

  • A seasonal tree with an average height of 20 feet that belong to the Rosaceae family.
  • Considered one of the oldest trees ever grown by human beings
  • The average life expectancy of the almond tree is 50 years
  • Almond tree is largely grown in the United States and in countries like Spain, Turkey, Italy, Iran, Syrian and Australia
  • California accounts for more than 80% of the worldwide production of almond.

Benefits of Almond Milk Concentrate

  • Almond milk assists managing weight
  • Preserves health of heart and bones
  • Limits the likelihoods of developing diabetes
  • Assists strengthening the muscles
  • Preserves your skin’s shine
  • Adjusts mood, treats arthritis, and strengthens the memory
  • Maintains the digestion process
  • Concentrated almond milk is rich in magnesium, selenium, manganese and vitamin H
  • Encompasses considerable amounts of omega 3 fatty acids

How to Make Wefood Almond Milk Concentrate

  • The finest types of Turkish almond are chosen
  • Almond kernels are separated from their peel
  • Almond kernels are smashed and filtered by ad-hoc technologies
  • Concentrated almond milk extract resulted from this process is packaged in healthy and hygienic glass bottles.

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