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Turkish Basil Spice, 60 G

Turkish Basil Spice, 60 G

Basil is a multi-nutrient herb of versatile health benefits that can be blended easily in a variety of dishes as it can impart on them a special taste that renders the food more delicious and enjoyable.

Turkish Basil Spice

  • Quantity: 60 g
  • Ingredients: basil
  • Origin: Turkey
  • Halal product

Dishes that Suit Basil Spice

  • Meat dishes
  • Chicken dishes
  • Seafood
  • Different types of salad

What is Basil

  • Basil is a herb usually used in cooking to impart flavor to dishes. It is native to Indian and other parts of Asia and belongs to the family of Lamiaceae (mints).
  • Basil is famous for its distinctive aroma and flavor that can be described as pungent and slightly sweet.
  • It is commonly used in the Italian cuisine to impart a pleasant flavor onto sauces, pizza, and pasta dishes as well as the Thai and other Southeastern Asian cuisines.
  • Basil is considered a rich source of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds and it’s been used for medical purposes in traditional medicine for many centuries.

Basil Benefits

Basil is a herb that offers many potential health benefits, here are some of them:

  • Basil encompasses compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties that may assist minimizing infections and swelling of the body.
  • Basil is a rich source of antioxidants that may assist protecting the cells from damages caused by free radicals and may reduce the likelihood of developing chronic diseases such as cancer, heart, and diabetes diseases.
  • Basil may enhance the health of the digestion system via minimizing infections and supporting the growth of healthy gut bacteria
  • Basil is traditionally used for problems of the respiratory system such as asthma and cough as it may assist alleviating problems thereof and strengthen the immune system.
  • Basil hag got a calming effect and may assist reducing stress and anxiety levels.
  • It’s been proven that basil has potential effects on lowering cholesterol the thing that eventually assist reducing the likelihood of developing heart diseases.

Basil Benefits for Sex

Some studies indicate that basil may have positive effect on certain aspects of sexual health:

  • Basil is traditionally used as an aphrodisiac. Some studies suggest that it assists increasing the sexual desire.
  • Some studies conducted on sperm indicate that basil may have a positive effect on males’ fertility via improving the quality and number of sperm.
  • Stress and anxiety may have negative effect on the sexual function and it’s been proved that basil has a calming effect the thing that sure assists minimizing stress and anxiety level and eventually improving the sexual function
  • Basil contains compounds that may assist improving the blood circulation that can be very important for the sexual ability.

How to Prepare Basil Seeds drink

  • You can add a teaspoon of basil to a cup of boiling water while leaving it for 3 – 4 minutes.
  • Served in cups and sweetened with honey or sugar as you desire.

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