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Bay Leaf, 20 G

Turkish Bay Leaf, 20 G

Laurel tree leaves have got a distinctive aromatic flavor usually used as seasonings in soups, chicken, meat, and sauces dishes. They can be dried and used to make decoration garlands. Bay leave, in general, is considered versatile and beneficial for the general health of the body in addition to its cultural importance worldwide from ancient times to the present day.

Turkish Bay Leaf Spice

  • Quantity: 20 g
  • Ingredients: bay leaf
  • Origin: Turkey
  • Halal product

Bay Leaf Uses

Bay leaf is used in many meals such as:

  • Meat dishes
  • Chicken dishes
  • Fish dishes

Laurel tree

  • Laurel tree, known also as Bay Laurel or Sweet Bay, is a kind of evergreen small trees that live in the Mediterranean Basin region. It’s often grown as ornamental plant in gardens and landscaping. The leaves thereof are commonly used in cooking.
  • Laurel tree usually grows from 10 to 30 feet high and it’s got shiny dark green leaves 2 – 4 inches long (5 – 10 cm). its small yellow flowers bloom in Spring followed by the small black berry fruits in Summer.
  • Laurel tree, in ancient times, was associated with the Greek God Apollo. It was used in making wreaths to crown winning athletes and scientists.

Bay Leaf Benefits

  • Bay leaves contain compounds with anti-inflammatory properties that may assist reducing infections of the body and alleviating symptoms of cases such as arthritis.
  • Bay leaf is traditionally used as a digestive aid factor as it may assist stimulating secretion of digestive enzymes and minimize intestines’ inflammation.
  • Some studies indicate that bay leaf may assist regulating the blood sugar levels which is considered beneficial for diabetics.
  • Bay leaf contains antioxidants that may assist protecting the body from damages caused by free radicals that may contribute developing chronic diseases.
  • It may assist alleviating symptoms such as congestions and inflammations in the respiratory system.

How to Make Bay Leaf Tea

Bay leaf decoction drink can be prepared by adding 2 – 3 leaves to a cups of boiling water. Leaves are soaked for about 4 – 5 minutes and the drink is served hot.

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