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Turkish Fermented Black Garlic Oil

Turkish Fermented Black Garlic Oil

Turkish Fermented Black Garlic Oil

Light non-greasy oil formula convenient for all types of hair. black garlic oil is considered a perfect oil for hair treatment and care via nourishing follicles thereof and granting it density and vitality.

Turkish Black Garlic Oil

Black garlic oil is that which assists nourishing hair follicles and is formed due to fermenting garlic under certain temperature in a humid environment for a period of one month.

Black garlic oil for hair growth.

  • Black garlic oil can help in the process of hair growth in many ways.
  • It reduces inflammation of the scalp limiting thereby hair loss and promoting hair growth.
  • Black garlic oil nourishes and strengthens hair follicles assisting thereby in the prevention of hair loss and repairing its damage.
  • Promotes re-germinating new hair via deeply penetrating the follicles and boosting scalp’s health.
  • Generally speaking, black garlic shampoo provides a perfect solution for all problems of hair damage, loss, and breakage.

How to Treat Split Ends Using Garlic Oil

  • You can apply black garlic oil directly on the head and massage gently. It’s recommended to do the same once every two days to obtain effective results.
  • If you’re using various essential oils, you can mix them all.
  • During each and every treatment, oil should remain on the hair for approximately 30 minutes.
  • It’s recommended to wash and shampoo your hair after waiting period is over. The previous does not trigger discomfort as it does not imply a lot of smell.

Alopecia Treatment

Black garlic shampoo has many benefits for hair as it can kill bacteria and fungi that can cause scalp problems such as dandruff and candida overgrowth. As regards to alopecia, black garlic oil is considered the ultimate solution for alopecia problem especially if used concurrently and regularly with black garlic shampoo.

Is Black Garlic Oil Convenient for All Types of Hair

Black garlic shampoo is a type of moisturizing oils that can assist nourishing hair follicles triggering the growth of a stronger and more dense hair. black garlic oil is convenient for all types of hair as it can help nourishing the scalp and limit hair loss.

Shop Fermented Black Garlic Oil Online

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