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Black Mulberry Extract, 1400 g

Black Mulberry Extract, 1400 g
Black Mulberry Extract, 1400 g
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    Black Mulberry Extract

    At harvest times, black mulberry is carefully collected from Polatlı villages, in the Anatolia region. Black mulberries acre processed with the most up-to-date techniques and served to you in the form of a healthy and delicious Turkish black mulberry extract product.

    • 1400 g of the black mulberry extract
    • Black mulberry extract is not considered the black mulberry syrup
    • Black mulberry extract can be consumed using a spoon or added to yogurt, milk, or any other liquid… etc.
    • Our products are obtained by way of fruit thickening
    • Does not contain any preservatives or additives
    • Produced as per Turkish food regulations.

    Black Mulberry

    • Black mulberry, a plant that belongs to the Moraceae family, is a fruit that can be eaten raw in addition to being used to make and sweeten some types of desserts.
    • The Iberian peninsula and Southwest Asia are considered the original home for black mulberry.
    • Black mulberry is cultivated in Turkey, in the Mediterranean region, and in eastern Anatolia region.

    Black mulberry benefits

    • Black mulberry contains high percentages of vitamin C, thus boosts immunity
    • Black mulberry contains vitamin A and beta-carotene necessary for eye protection and maintenance of sight sense and integrity
    • Black mulberry assists in the process of cell regeneration and grants the complexion a more youthful and radiance appearance.
    • Black mulberry assists especially in getting rid of gastrointestinal problems
    • Black mulberry improves hair health and assists it grow more quickly and healthily.
    • Antioxidants contained therein minimize the likelihood of developing body infections
    • A strong source of iron, thus it is a good product for anemia
    • Effective in gum bleeding and mouth wounds
    • Black mulberry reduces cough and sore throat complaints
    • Good for gastritis and heartburn problems
    • Contains high amounts of fibers, thus alleviates occurrence of constipation cases.
    • Black mulberry supports mental growth and strengthens the memory

    mulberry extract

    How to make mulberry extract

    • Put sufficient amount of black mulberry extract in a cup
    • Added some liquid to taste; water, milk, etc., or you can add yogurt
    • Sweeten it with sugar or honey as per desire
    • Stir the contents thoroughly
    • Serve it cold, bon appetite!

    Black Mulberry Extract Calories

    • Energy (Calories): 302 cal.
    • Carbohydrates: 71 g
    • Fibers: 0.4 g
    • Protein: 4.3 g

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