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Turkish black soap, 100 G

Nigella Soap, 100 G

Black seed (nigella) soap is a natural soap that does not contain any chemicals or harmful components. Upon using this product, you can be sure it’ll not cause any problems to your complexion or health. If you’re looking for a useful soap for your complexion, the black seed soap is your perfect choice.

The Black Seed, The Nigella

  • Plant species that belongs to family Ranunculaceae and considered an annual herb that grows up to 30 centimeters high. Its native habitat is the Arabian Peninsula and Arab Maghreb.
  • the Black seed is a well-known natural remedy used to improve health and treat various diseases long time ago.Its active ingredients, such as thymol and carvacrol, have antibacterial properties that fight bacteria and viruses.
  • It has got also a high content of omega-3 fatty acids, which promote brain and heart seed oil is used by
  • some people to treat and prevent colds, while others use it as a treatment for hair or skin

Black seed soap benefits for Skin

  • Black seed soap contains useful components for the complexion and may assist treating different skin diseases such as acnes and eczema
  • Nigella soap may assist also in minimizing wrinkles and enhancing skin flexibility therefore it can assist improving the complexion’s appearance so you’ll look younger.
  • Turkish black soap can be used as a face wash and a body soap. It can be used for all types of complexion as it is soft enough to use it for face. It’d be wonderful too to use it while bathing to refresh your complexion and renew its youth after exposure to sun for a while
  • Black seed oil that the product contains acts as an exfoliant that assists removing dead skin cells as well as getting pure complexion
  • Nigella soap contains many powerful antioxidants that assist preventing skin early aging and minimizing the presence of fine lines and other aging signs.
  • Excellent cleanser for oily complexion as it assists in getting rid of excess fats and balances skin oil production.
  • It can be used also as a makeup remover to clean dirt, oils, and impurities of the skin and to clean and moisture the complexion

صابون حبة البركة التركي 100 غ

Turkish black seed oil benefits for Hair

  • If you’re looking for a natural hair remedy that can benefit your tresses in many ways, black seed oil may be your perfect choice.
  • It’s known that it is good for hair growth. Black seed oil may assist increasing blood flow and circulation to the scalp the thing that encourages hair redevelopment by strengthening the follicles and improving scalp flexibility. Therefore, it may assist in the treatment of problems such as hair-loss or thinning and even the dandruff.

How to Make Nigella Soap

  • Grate 200 g of raw soap, put in the microwave for 30 seconds until completely dissolved.
  • Add ground nigella and nigella oil
  • Stir the ingredients on low fire for a few minutes
  • Pour the soap into a silicon mold to take the required form
  • Leave it a few days to dry, thereinafter, you can start using it.

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