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Sliver Bracelet Baby Gifts

Sliver Bracelet Baby Gifts

925 carat silver bracelet, soft and stylish design convenient for the newborns, inlaid with zircon stones to grant it an additional aesthetic touch. You can present it as a gift to the new born as it is available in two colors; blue for the males and pink for the females in addition to the possibility of writing the name of the newborn in the middle of the bracelet wherein the name is surrounded by a blue eye meant for protecting the child from envy and expel evil which is one of the traditional matters in which Turkish people believe. Add it now to your shopping cart and it’ll be a perfect gift for the newborns of your friends and beloved ones.

Special Baby Gifts

  • 925 carat sterling silver.
  • Inlaid with zircon stones.
  • The possibility of adding a personal name or special date.
  • Delivered to you in a special stylish box.

I Important Tips on Choosing Newborn Baby Gifts

Choosing a silver bracelet for the newborn can be a very gentle and cuddly idea, nevertheless there are some important tips to be taken into consideration:

  • Safety: safety should always be a top priority when choosing a bracelet for the newborns. Avoid choosing bracelets with sharp edges or small pieces that can lead to suffocation.
  • Size: the wrist of the newborn is very small and delicate therefore it’s very important to choose a bracelet that suits it well.
  • Material: silver has always been a popular choice for baby bracelets because it is durable and has a beautiful appearance. Look for high quality nickel free silver to avoid having any allergic reactions.

Newborn Baby Gifts

Here are some ideas for special newborn gifts:

  • Clothes: children grow up fast, therefore clothes are always considered a practical gift. Look for soft and comfortable easy to put on and take off clothes.
  • Blankets: blankets are vital to keep babies warm and cozy. Look for soft and porous gentle on the delicate skin of the baby materials.
  • Diaper bag: a good quality diaper bag is something indispensible for new parents. Look for one equipped with lots of compartments and pockets to keep all essentials organized and tidy.
  • Stroller or baby carrier: a stroller or a baby carrier is another essential part for new parents. Look for one that is lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Nursery décor: nursery décor such as wall paintings, mobile phones, and nigh lamps can impart a personal touch to the baby’s room.
  • Bathing essentials: look for a convenient baby shampoo, body lotion and balms along with soft towel and towel set.
  • Children books: start building children library using bright colors tablet books with simple and repetitive texts.

Newborn Baby Gifts Online

Sweet Saray Store provides all Turkish products at reasonable prices, fast and secure shipping services. All you have to do is to choose your favorable gift and it will be delivered in a stylish box at the doorstep of your recipient within just a few days with permanent and exclusive offers.

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