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Brazilian Weight-Loss Coffee, 150 GB

Brazilian Weight-Loss Coffee, 150 GB
Brazilian Weight-Loss Coffee, 150 GB
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    Weight-Loss Coffee, 150 G

    Brazilian coffee of the finest coffee beans worldwide, mingled with useful Chicory roots, rich in minerals necessary for the human body. Together, they form a delicious-tasted caffeine-low coffee, very convenient and produced especially for those who seek a perfect body away from fats or obesity.

    Chicory Plant

    Chicory, a member of the Chrysanthemum family of small flowers and long leaves with purple to blue colored flowers. In Turkey, Chicory grown largely in the Aegean Sea area always ready for consumption with all its parts: the flowers, the leaves, and the roots.

    Chicory Coffee

    A hot drink made of the chicory plant roots that are roasted and boiled. Chicory coffee is similar to the traditional coffee in its taste, yet it is less caffeinated and its taste is characterized by the presence of a taste always described as “woody’ much close to the walnuts taste. Chicory is consumed boiled, alone, or added to traditional coffee to form a delicious and distinctive mix.

    Dr. Royal Diet Coffee Components

    • 60% original Brazilian coffee
    • 40% soluble chicory plant

    Is Chicory Coffee Convenient for Everybody

    • This drink is not suitable for those who suffer from pollen allergy as it may cause them allergic reactions
    • Chicory coffee is not recommended for pregnant women
    • It’s recommended to consult your doctor before consumption for those who suffer from allergic and chronic diseases.

    Does Chicory Weight-Loss Coffee Contain Caffeine

     Chicory roots are free of caffeine, thus chicory coffee is considered an excellent alternative for traditional coffee for those who prefer avoiding caffeine or taking too much of it especially in the evening hours before going to bed.

    Weight-Loss Coffee Way of Use

    • This product can be used twice a day by having two cups one in the morning and the second in the evening
    • It’s recommended to consume it on an empty stomach.

    Diet Coffee Way of Preparation

    • Put one measure of slimming coffee in a glass of boiling water
    • You can add milk powder or coffee cream to your coffee as per desire
    • Stir the mixture thoroughly until all ingredients are fully dissolved.

    Royal-Life Diet Coffee Calories

    Each 100 g of Chicory Diet Coffee contain:

    • Calories: 271 cal.
    • Carbohydrates: 32 g
    • Fats: 0.4 g
    • Protein: 5 g

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