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Cafissimo Coffee Capsules Holder

Cafissimo Coffee Capsules Holder

Convenient for storing up to 30 capsules, of short dimensions and modern design that suits any kitchen in terms of dimensions and design, considered a perfect supplement for the special Cafissimo machines. With this coffee capsules holder, your preferable flavor will always be at your hands.

  • Capable of encompassing up to 30 capsules
  • High-quality plastic, much like glass in appearance
  • Perfect addition to Cafissimo machines
  • Your preferred coffee flavor is always close to you.

Turkish Coffee Capsules Holder Dimensions

  • Capacity: 30 capsules
  • Height: approximately 14 cm
  • Width: : approximately 15 cm
  • Diameter: approximately 16cm

Important Tips on Coffee Capsules Holder

  • Capsules holder is delivered without capsules
  • Inconvenient for dishwashers
  • You can change the frame color with one of the portable frames to grant the capsule cover a new look.

Are Coffee Capsules Safe

Coffee capsules encompass more effervescence compared to other types of coffee. As per studies, the effervescent substance found in coffee capsules is not of a level that endangers human life.

How Many Cups Coffee Capsules Enough For

Each capsule is enough for one cup of coffee only.

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