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Natural Cocoa Butter Soap, 100 G

Natural Cocoa Soap, 100 G

Hand-made organic cocoa soap from Arifoğlu encompassing natural ingredients with the extract of cocoa butter useful for the complexion in terms of moisturizing and restitution of vitality and shine for hair and skin. It contributes getting rid of acnes and pimples traces, and cleanses the skin from its depths. The product is convenient for all types of complexions especially sensitive ones.

Cocoa Tree

  • Evergreen tropical tree that may grow up to 7.5 meters high, distinctive for its wide leaves and almond kernel-like shape. It constitutes an integral part in raw cocoa and chocolate industry.
  • The original homeland of cocoa tree is the tropical forests in South America continent as the tree needs a high temperature and humidity degree for its growth in addition to large quantities of water.
  • Cocoa trees are grown, nowadays, in South America continent, especially in the southern part of Mexico as well as in some tropical countries of Africa on top of which is Côte d'Ivoire (the Ivory Coast).

Cocoa Butter

  • Also called theobroma oil, a vegetable fatty substance extracted from cocoa kernels, edible and distinctive for its pale yellow colour.
  • Used in chocolate industry as well as in the preparation of cosmetic, skin-care, and soap products.

Cocoa Butter Soap Benefits for Sensitive Skin

  • Cocoa butter soap assists treating skin inflammations and alleviating its irritation
  • Cocoa soap assists combating skin rash
  • Stimulates skin healing and alleviates acuity of itching
  • Cocoa butter soap is considered very convenient especially for the sensitive skin as it is rich in moisturizing fatty compounds
  • Assists fighting deterioration that may be caused by exposure to harmful sun rays
  • Stimulates renewal of skin cells revealing new layers of complexion

Cocoa Soap Benefits for the Hair

  • Cocoa butter contains antioxidants and minerals that nourish fizzy hair rendering it fresh and shiny.
  • Amino acids are good for the scalp and grant it perfect moisturizing
  • Moisturizes hair and treats its weakness
  • Treats dry scalp
  • Increases hair radiance and shine
  • Fights causes of scalp exfoliation especially after dye in women

Cocoa Butter Soap Benefits for Eyebrows Hair

  • Cocoa butter assists moisturizing eyebrows hair rendering it soft and easy to control. It nourishes it from the roots and makes it grow healthier.

Organic Cocoa Soap Way of Use

  • After bathing, you can make use of the condition of the open and moisturized pores
  • Apply soap foam over you face or any part of your body
  • Gently and in a round movement, progressively massage for a few minutes
  • Wait another few minutes then rinse your body with warm water
  • Dry the soap application area thoroughly, continue repeating the process after each bath and you’ll obtain remarkable results.

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