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Suda Collagen Coffee sugar free 14 bags

 Suda Collagen Coffee sugar free 14 bags
Suda Collagen Coffee sugar free 14 bags
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 Suda Collagen Coffee sugar free 14 bags

Patented high-quality sugar-free coffee in which luxurious Arabic coffee beans mingle with multi-collagen powder in Suda Collagen Coffee. Hot water is the only thing you need to prepare collagen instant coffee.

Suda Collagen Coffee

  • 14 envelops of the luxurious Robusta and Arabica coffee
  • Sugar-free original coffee
  • Encompasses type1 and type 3 collagen powder
  • Preserves the skin’s flexibility and vitality
  • Plays an important role in nourishing hair follicles and fighting baldness

Benefits of Collagen for Skin and Hair

  • Collagen production increase in body cells
  • Very useful for eyelids tightening
  • Assists tightening the face without need for surgery
  • Prevents skin and complexion aging
  • Collagen coffee assists restoration of body tissues
  • Removes acnes’ traces
  • Postpones appearance of white hair
  • Moisturizes and nourishes the scalp

Verisol Collagen

Patented collagen peptide taken from gropes of grass-fed cows.

Bovine Collagen

Bovine collagen is safe, healthy, and adopted by US Food and Drug Administration. Bovine collagen is extracted from cows cartilages and bones.

Best Collagen for Losing Weight

There are some widespread misconceptions about collagen while the truth is totally different as collagen acts on granting the feeling of satiety so it is considered very useful for losing weight.

Adding Collagen to Coffee

It’s recommended to add collagen powder to coffee, besides the benefits coffee grants to the skin, as it is very rich in caffeine, studies have proven that protein dismantles quickly in liquids the thing that facilitates its absorption by the body.

Suda Collagen Way of Preparing Coffee

  • Empty the bag into 200 ml of hot or cold water as per taste
  • It’s recommended to consume one to two envelopes a day only.

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