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Delonghi Icona Coffee Machine

Delonghi Icona Coffee Machine

Delonghi Icona Coffee Machine offers you the best experience possible to prepare Espresso and cappuccino on a daily basis. Kick off your day with the best way possible with this machine as if you’re having your coffee in the most famous cafés of Italy regardless of the elegant and modern small size in comparison with the excellent services it offers.

Delonghi Icona  Espresso Machine Specifications

  • Product’s Type: Espresso & Cappuccino maker
  • Milk tank capacity: 1400 ml
  • Volume: 2 cups
  • Color: beige
  • Anti-dripping function
  • Grinder: barista
  • Hot water pressure/ steam: 15 bar
  • Water filter: available
  • Automatic extractor + E1078ino: 15 system
  • Time adjustment: nil
  • Level indicator: nil
  • Automatic shutdown: nil
  • Cleaning programme: nil
  • Manufacturing company guarantee: 3 years
  • Manufacturing company: DELONGHI
  • Country of origin: China

Delonghi Icona Coffee Machine Dimensions

  • Width: 35 cm
  • Height: 40 cm
  • Depth: 59 cm

Preparation of Cappuccino Using Delonghi Icona Coffee Machine

  • Press the cappuccino preparation button and wait until the “OK” warning lamp lights up
  • Meanwhile, fill up the pot with approximately 100 g of milk per each Cappuccino cup. Milk must be cold. When choosing the pot’s volume, put in mind that the volume of milk will double by 2 or 3 times more. Skimmed milk is recommended.
  • Put the milk bowl underneath the cappuccino preparation machine
  • Wait until warning lamp lights up; when it’s on, it indicates that the device has reached the perfect degree to produce steam
  • Turn steam button towards the + direction for a few second to discharge water.
  • immerse the cappuccino maker into milk for few millimeters and make sure not to exceed the specified line. Turn the handle clockwise at least half-turn. Steam will get out of the cappuccino maker and this will give cream to the milk and maximize it volume. For having more creamy foam, immerse cappuccino maker into milk and turn the milk bowl gently from bottom up.
  •  When milk volume doubles, insert cappuccino maker deeper and continue heating the milk. When you reach the temperature you need (ideal degree is 60 degrees Celsius) shut down the steam distribution function by pressing the steam button.
  • Pour the milk you made into Espresso coffee cups prepared in advance
  • Cappuccino now is ready. Add sugar as per desire. If you wish, you can mix foam with some chocolate grains.

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