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Original Donkey Milk Soap, 100 G

Original Donkey Milk Soap, 100 G
Original Donkey Milk Soap, 100 G
Original Donkey Milk Soap, 100 G
Original Donkey Milk Soap, 100 G
Original Donkey Milk Soap, 100 G
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    Original Donkey Milk Soap, 100 G

    Original donkeys milk soap, made according to international standards by the renowned Malova Cosmetics company. Donkeys mild constitutes the main substance in its composition as such a type of milk contains many benefits for the skin. The Turkish Donkey milk is rich of vitamins and minerals necessary for the skin health. This product will represent the password for those who dream of having a fresh and attractive complexion.

    • 100% natural Turkish Donkey milk soap
    • Free of any chemicals
    • Rich in materials necessary for the skin’s health and freshness
    • Donkeys are cared for in natural rural areas
    • They are fed with natural materials and fertilizers
    • These animals produce pure milk that constitute a main part in soap and skin care products industry

    Donkey Milk Soap in Turkey

    Donkey milk soap is famous in all parts of Turkey as one of the most renowned natural products for skin-health and hair care as it is made following traditional methods without the addition of any chemicals and thus guaranteeing usage of 100% natural product.

    This fame has reached all visitors of Turkey where they started transferring information about donkeys milk and its benefits, therefore, it became one of the most demanded products by visitors and tourists as they were keen to purchase considerable quantities thereof before leaving Turkey.

    Turkish Donkey Milk Soap Components

    • Water
    • Fragrance
    • Donkeys milk
    • Glycerin
    • Sodium palm
    • Sodium chloride
    • D-Panthenol
    • Niacinamide (Nicotinamide)
    • Alpha-tocopheryl acetate
    • Aloe Vera leaf juice

    Donkey Milk Soap Benefits for The Complexion

    • Smooth the complexion and prevents dead skin accumulation
    • Moisturizes and enhances the skin
    • Good treatment for many skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis
    • Donkey milk soap in convenient for sensitive complexion and prevent its irritation
    • Donkey milk soap contributes in repairing deteriorated skin tissues

    Turkish Donkey Milk Soap for the Hair

    • Donkey milk soap plays a vital role in hair growth increasing its density and nourishing it roots
    • Turkish donkey milk soap is useful in prevention of hair loss and strengthening it follicles
    • Donkey milk soap assists moisturizing the hair and regaining its vitality

    Turkish Donkey Milk Soap Way of Use

    It’s recommended to use Donkey Milk Soap 3 times a day;

    • In the morning, afternoon, and in the evening
    • Put soap foam over your face
    • In a circular movement, rub your face gently
    • Leave donkeys’ soap extract over your face for 5 minutes
    • After that, rinse it gently with warm water

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