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Turkish Figs Jam

Turkish Figs Jam

Dried figs jam, produced in totally healthy conditions without being touch by hands. Dried figs jam preserves its freshness for long periods. Turkish figs jam, one of Oğlu’s variable jam types produced following the home-made methods, will be an indispensible foods for you breakfast tables.

Produced of high-quality 

  • Cooking the dried, clean, and carefully chosen fruits in special cooking vessels
  • The color and odor of the fruit is being preserved without any increase of the HMF percentage
  • All our products are subject to the Turkish Food Quality tests and standards
  • Homemade dried figs jam recipe


Figs are a fruit rich in antioxidants and potassium, eaten fresh or dried to be consumed in winter as it is rich in sugars the thing that supplies the body with high energy. Figs are died in many ways traditional or modern, afterwards dried figs are formed by hemp ropes taking the form of long rosary-like necklaces kept for long periods of time.

 Arif Oğlu Dried Figs Jam Benefits

  • Dried figs jam softens the intestines and alleviates constipation
  • Dried figs jam supplies the body with strength and energy
  • Alleviates mental and physical fatigue
  • Dried figs jam is useful for coughs the sore throat
  • Convenient for colds and bronchitis
  • Figs jam acts as an expectorant

Dried Figs Jam Benefits for Sex

  • Figs jam is a tonic for genitals as it increases testosterone hormone that enhances the sexual desire
  • Figs jam is known as an aphrodisiac
  • Figs jam contains the allicin compound that raises the body’s temperature and increases women’s libido
  • Figs jam is useful for the strength and increase of erection periods.

Figs and Olives Benefits for the Testicles

Consuming figs and olive oil assists oxygen flow into the testicles the thing that enhances sperm count and quality.

Figs Benefits for Bones and Teeth

Figs is considered a good food rich in calcium and vitamin K the thing that makes it a natural tonic for health of bones, teeth, and nails.

Figs Benefits for the Hair

Figs contain zinc and iron elements that maintain hair health and limit hair loss.

Figs Jam Benefits for Weight Gain

Figs jam is an appetizer rich in sugars, stimulates the stomach and the digestion process, and considered of the best foods that assist in gaining weight.

Figs Jam Way of Preparation

  • Into a bowl over medium fire, put some amount of water and sugar
  • Boil the water while continuously stirring until the texture is thick
  • Lower the fire, add figs while still continuously stirring, take care not to mash the figs
  • Remove formed foam off resulting from the syrup
  • Add lemon juice when figs color is closer to hazelnut color
  • Leave the mixture on fire for five minute, the put it off.
  • Lave the jam to cool down completely, put it in a tightly sealed glass jar.

Figs Jam Calories

Each 100 g of figs jam contain 217 cal.

  • Figs Jam Nutritional Values
  • Protein: 1.67 g
  • Carbohydrates: 50 g
  • Sugars: 43.33 g
  • Calcium: 67 mg
  • Iron: 1.2 mg.

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