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Dried Tarragon, 35 G

Dried Tarragon, 35 G

The aromatic dried tarragon herbs are considered one of the plants used as seasoning and flavoring with a lot of meals and foods worldwide. They are distinguished for their endearing aromatic odor. They give meals a unique taste in addition to many other benefits for the body due to their very important nutrients.

Dried Tarragon Herb

  • Quantity: 35 g
  • Ingredients: tarragon
  • Origin: Turkey
  • Our products are free of any additives
  • Halal product

Suitable Suggestions on How to Use Tarragon

  • Meat dishes
  • Chicken dishes
  • Milky Kibbeh
  • Fish and seafood meals

Tarragon Plant

  • Perennial herb traditionally used in cooking for its aromatic leaves and anise-like flavor. The scientific name of tarragon is Artemisia dracunculus and belongs to the Asteraceae family.
  • It is native to Eurasia, yet largely grown in other parts of the world including Northern America
  • Tarragon is distinguished for its narrow green leaves that grow on wooden stems and produce small white-green flowers in summer. There are two main types of tarragon: the French tarragon – the most popular in cooking with more dense flavor – and the Russian tarragon, the less used with a more mild flavor.
  • Tarragon is often used in the French cuisine as it is used to season sauces, salads, and other dishes.
  • Tarragon is famous for its medical properties and has been used as a remedy for a set of diseases including problems of the digestion system, teeth pain, and insomnia.

Dried Tarragon Benefits

  • Tarragon contains compounds that may assist stimulating digestion and alleviating digestive problems such as bloating, gases, and constipation.
  • Tarragon have anti-inflammatory properties that may assist minimizing inflammations in the body the thing that assists alleviating pains and swelling.
  • Tarragon encompasses antioxidants that may assist protecting the heart and minimizing the likelihood of developing heart diseases.
  • Tarragon have light sedative properties that may assist improving the sleep and minimizing insomnia.
  • Some studies indicate that tarragon may have anti-anxiety properties that may assist reducing feelings or anxiety and tension.
  • It’s been proven that tarragon improves the insulin sensitivity the thing that assists minimizing the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes.

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