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Fakir dual Turkish coffee machine

Fakir dual Turkish coffee machine
Fakir dual Turkish coffee machine
Fakir dual Turkish coffee machine
Fakir dual Turkish coffee machine
Fakir dual Turkish coffee machine
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Fakir Kaave Dual Pro Turkish Coffee Maker

Fakir Kaave Dual Pro Turkish Coffee Maker assists you kick off your day actively due to enjoying a coffee-taste that exceeds your expectations. The coffee maker is capable of preparing a big amount of Turkish coffee in no time due to dual design and high-capacity engine.

Fakir Kaave Dual Pro Turkish Coffee Maker Description

  • Due to dual-heating compartment, in addition to a relatively large water tank (4.3 liters), you can prepare 8 cups of coffee at a time.
  • You’ll prepare your coffee according to your choice due to the cup-volume selection characteristic whether it be small, medium, or large.
  • you can choose one cooking compartment only if you’d like to
  • duo to its elegant design an small size, you can always enjoy your preferred coffee taste whether at home or work.
  • In cases of low or no water in water’s tank, or overheating, the security system is activated and the device shuts down automatically.
  • Portable big water tank easy to be removed.
  • Luminanse overflow-prevention technology provides you perfect foamy Turkish coffee
  • You can adjust coffee volume as you wish, thanks to the measuring spoon provided with the product.
  • Provides multi-functional use; regardless of making Turkish coffee, this device works as a kettle due to water-heating characteristic.
  • Fakir Kaave Dual Pro Turkish Coffee Maker has got an elegant and modern design.

Fakir Turkish Coffee Maker Specifications

  • Capacity: 1470 watts
  • Volume: 8 cups
  • Product’s color: white
  • Product’s weight: 4.5 kg
  • Product’s dimension: 24.8 x 26.5 x 38 cm
  • Cable length: 100 cm
  • Coffee measuring spoon
  • Cups’ volume selection: available
  • Light warning system
  • Sound warning system
  • Coffee pot is made of plastic
  • Big capacity water tank (2.3 liters)
  • Luminasense overflow-prevention technology
  • Safety system to prevent functioning without water
  • Decreased water-level alert
  • Notification system for required water amount for processing
  • LED Touch control panel
  • Water-spray automatic mix

Turkish Coffee Way of Preparation Using Fakir Turkish Coffee Maker

  • Plug in the power supply
  • Make sure water in no less than 600 mm in the water tank
  • Water tank should be full according to the number of cups needed
  • Put coffee and sugar in the cooking pot as per desire
  • Fix the cooking pot in place
  • On the control panel, press the suitable button of the coffee you prefer
  • A beep sound is emitted after choosing coffee volume, selected cup size indicator lights up, and the device starts drawing water
  • When drawing water process and coffee preparation is over, the device beeps
  • Average time needed for preparing coffee for 2 – 3 people is 2 minutes
  • The device beeps again when coffee preparation process is over; buttons indicators start flashing until cooking pot is removed.
  • Now you can pour your coffee and serve it along with rich Turkish chocolate.

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