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Paper Coffee filter, 80 Pieces

Paper Coffee filter, 80 Pieces

80 pieces of fine-pored and high-quality filter coffee paper with which your coffee drink becomes more pleasant and delicious. It preserves the special character of each type of coffee. Now, you can enjoy your favorite coffee in a pure form 100% free of any impurities.

  • Tchibo Paper Coffee filter Characteristics
  • The box contains 85 paper coffee filter
  • Designed in an elegant conical shape
  • High-quality white paper
  • 100% prevents passage of impurities and oils
  • Paper filter, measure no. 4
  • Convenient for all common coffee makers
  • Very fine paper
  • Perfectly and non-tearing woven

What Is Coffee Filter

Coffee filter is a paper, metal, or fabric thin barrier encompassing small pores that allow the passage of coffee liquid and prevents that of small coffee grains (bagasse) after hot water has dissolved coffee grains absorbing its taste, color, and odor. This way, you can enjoy you coffee free on any impurities.

Paper Coffee filter

Paper coffee filters, one of the most common readily and easily available in the market are high-quality filters woven with high precision with enormous absorption capacity so as to be able to separate fine impurities of different types of coffee.

Paper Coffee filter Characteristics

  • Paper coffee filters usually come in a conic shape
  • Or it is shaped like a basket same as American coffee filters
  • Variable sizes to correspond to different types of coffee makers
  • Available in both white and brown colors

Paper Coffee filter Way of Use

  • Fill the water tank with sufficient amount of water
  • Put the paper filter in the intake compartment
  • Measure the required amount of coffee after making sure of the right type of coffee
  • Put the ground coffee in the filter
  • Turn on the coffee maker to brew coffee

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