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Original Black Garlic Oil Package – 3 Packs

Original Black Garlic Oil Package – 3 Packs
Original Black Garlic Oil Package – 3 Packs
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Original Black Garlic Oil Package – 3 Packs

With the great success and wide popularity gained by Fiynda Hair oil with the fermented black garlic extract, Sweet Saray Store presents to you a limited time offer; a 3 pack offer with a competitive price .. don’t miss the chance!

Hair Care Black Garlic Oil

We present to you the hair care revolutionary solution that will change your hair condition; you’ll see it as never before – black garlic oil for hair!

Our black garlic oil has been especially designed to nourish and strengthen your hair to render it look healthier than ever. Made of black garlic extract, this hair oil is rich in powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals necessary to hair growth and maintenance.

Black Garlic Extract Oil for Hair Loss

Contrary to other hair oils that leave your hair greasy and heavy, black garlic oil for hair is lightweight and quickly absorbed in the hair and scalp providing immediate nourishment and hydration. It assists preventing split ends and brittleness while promoting a healthy hair growth restoring natural shine and luster.

Vegetable Oil for All hair Types

Whether your hair is dry, damaged or dye-treated, Fiynda black garlic oil is convenient for all types of hair. with regular use, you’ll notice a remarkable improvement in the general health and look of your hair.

Black Garlic

Black garlic is the traditional garlic that has been heat-fermented for several days resulting in a sweeter flavor and deeper color than regular garlic. It can be bought ready-made or made at home by fermenting regular garlic.

Black garlic is known for its health benefits including its antioxidant properties useful for the body and hair.

Fiynda Black Garlic Oil Benefits

  • Promotes hair growth in many different ways.
  • Acts on promoting keratinocytes.
  • Limits problems and inflammations of the scalp leading eventually to treatment of hair loss problem.
  • Provides required nourishment and strengthens hair follicles the thing that helps repairing damage inflected in parts of the hair. 
  • Deeply penetrates into the follicles and promotes the health of the scalp.

How to Use Black Garlic Oil the Alopecia Ultimate Solution

  • Apply a sufficient amount of hair serum with the black garlic extract to your scalp and hair roots.
  • Start rubbing your scalp with your fingertips trying to get the oil all over you hair.
  • After oil penetrates into pores of the scalp and waiting for no less than 30 minutes;
  • Now you can wash your hair with the natural fermented black garlic shampoo.
  • Repeat the process 3 times a week and you’ll notice a great difference.
  • What are you waiting for? say goodbye to loose hair days and experience the strength and vitality of your hair with back garlic hair serum!

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