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Luxurious Karakoy Gulluoglu Mixed Baklava Sweets Gift Box

Luxurious Karakoy Gulluoglu Mixed Baklava Sweets Gift Box
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Luxurious Karakoy Gulluoglu Mixed Baklava Sweets Gift Box
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 Karakoy Gulluoglu Luxurious Mixed Baklava Sweets Gift Box

This box is considered the most demanded sweets box ever from Turkey due to the following:

  • Luxurious Turkish baklava gift box 1 kg
  • Karaköy Güllüoğlu brand, the most famous sweets brand in Turkey
  • The box encompasses five different kinds of baklava stuffed with pistachios and green baklava fingers. If you ever wanted to try different varieties of Turkish baklava rich of its diversified types and flavors, this box is your perfect choice.
  • The filling is distinctive Antep pistachios and 1st quality walnuts

Luxurious gift box wrapping

Prepared to you in the most famous Turkish sweets store in Istanbul, Karaköy Güllüoğlu, who has got only one branch all over Turkey in order to maintain the good quality of the products

Luxurious Wrapping of the Sweets Gift Box

Since this box is meant for being presented as a gift in different occasions, it comes luxuriously and distinctively packed so as its outside shape reflects the luxuriousness and the pleasure of baklava taste it contains, thus your gift arrives to you with the best array possible that would sure befit your guests and loved ones. 

Birthday Sweets Special Gift

If you ever wanted to share a friend of a dear one preparing special atmosphere for a distinctive birthday party or for a precious occasion, it’s nothing less than surprising him with the distinctive sweet box of Luxurious Turkish baklava as a contribution from your part in his birthday. Be sure it’ll be a very sweet and pleasant gesture that will gain his attention.

Ramadan Sweets On Top of Which Is Turkish Baklava

Special and distinctive Ramadan atmospheres filled of spirituality, worshipping, and family gatherings around breakfast table that encompasses mouthwatering stuff is not complete without presenting Ramadan desserts after breakfast or Tarawih. Give it a shot in this Ramadan or in Eid an try the luxurious Turkish baklava along with coffee and honor your folks with the most delicious Ramadan dessert.

Mixed Turkish Baklava Eid Desserts

Everybody has got used to presenting and serving delicious sweets to guests on the occasion of Eid. What about making this Eid very special and honoring your family and guests with a prestigious Eid hospitality from Turkey that will arrive fresh at your door step within 3 working days and having two Eids at a time?!

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