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3 Green Bubble Shampoo Sets

Green bubble shampoo

We present to you the Green Babel hair care range, including Keratin capsules and Aloe Vera shampoo! This paraben-free shampoo contains aloe vera ingredients that strengthen and lengthen your hair. The shampoo formula is free from harmful genetically modified organisms that may be present in other types of shampoo.

Green bubble shampoo benefits

  •  Green bubble helps to lengthen the hair at a relatively fast rate, approximately 4-7 cm per month.
  • Green bubble contributes to strengthening the hair strands and increasing their durability.
  • Green bubble adds shine and vitality to the hair, making it more attractive.
  • Green bubble moisturizes and softens the hair, making it easier to care for and comb.

Benefits of Aloe Vera for Damaged Hair

  • Hair Moisturization: Aloe vera contains a high percentage of water, which helps moisturize dry and damaged hair.
  • Hair Nourishment: Aloe vera is rich in minerals and important vitamins for hair growth and nourishment, such as vitamin C.
  • Reducing Hair Loss: Aloe vera contains antioxidants that help improve scalp health and reduce hair loss.
  • Improving Hair Growth: Aloe vera contains enzymes that improve blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

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