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Collagen Ampoule For Hair, 4 Ampoules

Collagen Ampoule For Hair, 4 Ampoules
Collagen Ampoule For Hair, 4 Ampoules
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Collagen Ampoule For Hair, 4 Ampoules

Perfect ampoules for a more healthier, dense, and shiny hair as it contribute treating different hair problems on top of which is hair loss problem in order for hair to become more dense, strong and to give it firmness, activity, and vitality.

Collagen Benefits For Hair

  • Nourish the scalp and support hair follicles
  • Collagen ampoules assist treating hair breakage from roots to ends
  • Prevent hair loss and enhance it growth
  • Contribute smoothing and straightening of the hair
  • Act on limiting appearance of gray hair

Medical Reasons for Hair Loss and Breakage

  • Too much Hair exposure to hair straighteners and dryers
  • Shampoo usage and application on hair several times a week.
  • Exposure to harmful sun light for long periods of time
  • Drying wet hair with high-temperature hair dryers.
  • Application of hair dyes frequently within a short period of time
  • Combing and tightening hair carelessly and violently

What Is Collagen

Collagen is considered one of the most present proteins in the body where it composes more than 80% of the skin’s composition as it is also responsible for its flexibility and stretching. Moreover, collagen supplies the hair with amino acids necessary for a strong and healthy hair.

Disadvantage of Taking Collagen

There are no proven damages for treating hair with collagen and keratin ampoules. According to many sources, no records of damage cases were registered from using keratin ampoules, on the contrary, the results have always been positive. Merely, out of caution, people who have doubts about collagen sensitivity, should perform an allergy test before using the product.

MOTO PLUS Collagen Peptides Usage

  • Collagen and protein ampoules can be applied directly on the hair roots or added to shampoo as per desire.
  • It’s recommended to empty one ampoule in your daily ad-hoc shampoo pack
  • The remaining three ampules can be applied directly on your hair roots while leaving several days off as a break between each usage
  • Upon applying over your hair roots or mixing with shampoo, massage your hair in a round movement then rinse your hair with a lot of water.

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